Saturday, 28 December 2013

Gabriella Quevedo: Farewell - Sungha Jung

This is my cover of Farewell by Sungha Jung :)


(Sungha Jung) Farewell - Gabriella Quevedo

Sandra Bae: with Sungha Jung - Depapepe's One and Mosaic - live

I know this is the video many of you have been waiting for... playing together with Sungha Jung!
And what a wonderful Christmas gift it was to be offered to open for Sungha on Christmas! :)
His Goodbye 2013 concert was a super success and I was honored to be the opening guest.
Happy holidays everyone!
PS! Sungha's team is trying hard to remove fake Facebook imposters and is his only official FB page.

And here's mine. :)

(LIVE) Depapepe's One by Sungha Jung and Sandra Bae

(LIVE) Sungha Jung's Mosaic by Sungha Jung and Sandra Bae

Lari Basílio: Santo Angelo 2014

We see the world not as it actually is, but the way we are. Thus, our mouth speaks what the heart is full and we have unfortunately seen some opportunities here and in other social networks, is unfair criticism and, in most cases, up against some nasty endorsers and musicians supported by SANTO ANGELO. That theme created by Lari especially for this video, can inspire us to be more supportive in 2014, doing to others what you would have them do to us. . Optimal for all 2014 Link to Backing Track:

Leah Woodward: with Pin from Aliases perform for Invictus Guitars - Sirens playthrough

Gear Rundown:

-Pin is playing his gorgeous Blackmachine B2 fitted with Bareknuckle pickups

-Leah is playing one of our own Invictus Guitars!
*An Alder carvetop SSH model, thru-neck design
*24 fret with a bubinga fretboard 25.5" scale
*Bareknuckle nailbomb calibrated set
*Gotoh bridge
*Reverse headstock.

We're running this live through both a Pod HD Pro and a Fractal Audio Axe Fx (direct to board).

Both Pin and Leah are joining our swelling ranks, each with a brand new Invictus build on the way. We'd also like to thank all those others that have a hand in this video, including:

Basick Records, Blackmachine Guitars, Bareknuckle pickups, Line 6, Fractal Audio and many others.

Please make sure to check our own facebook page at and our website (coming soon) at to keep an eye out on our current builds and numerous upcoming events!

This will be the first in a series of Aliases videos, in collaboration with the Invictus Guitars workshop. Watch this space...

Pin and Leah came down to the Invictus Guitars workshop for a little chat! We decided that since they were here, we'd record this cheeky playthrough...

The track is Sirens, the finalé to their "Safer than Reality" album available now direct from Basick records, iTunes and retail outlets. You can check out any news from Aliases at their facebook page on

Aliases & Invictus Guitars | Sirens playthrough