Sunday, 26 January 2014

Kristen Capolino: Butterfly live performance

Co-written by Kristen Capolino
Kristen Capolino - Butterfly

Annie Grunwald: Seymour Duncan soundstage at NAMM

Annie Grunwald played the Seymour Duncan stage... my dreaded fear is the microphone... This is just one of many shots that will be appearing on Truth In Shredding and Shreddelicious over the coming days. Nice comfy seats at the Seymour Duncan booth, good job guys!

Lita Ford: BCRich Guitars : Winter NAMM 2014

TTK's Winter NAMM 2014 Coverage:
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Enjoy this interview with Rock Legend, Lita Ford! ENJOY & ROCK ON!

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LITA FORD Interview @ BCRich Guitars : Winter NAMM 2014

Mai Agan: Sweet Baby Sebastian

To my sister Maria for her birthday and for the birth of her little angel Sebastian.
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Mai Agan - Sweet Baby Sebastian

Mai Agan: LUV

NAMM: Awesome Girl Shredders meet up for the first time!

NAMM Awesome Girl Shredders meet!
Rebecca Scammon
Annie Grunwald

Nita Strauss
Found time to meet up with Laurie Monk and some awesome girl shredders yesterday!! So cool to make some new friends
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A special thanks to the amazing Jack Lue for these great photos from NAMM 2014