Friday, 14 February 2014

Sanae Kitano: Victory(Eric Johnson) and Island In The Sun (Alcatrazz)

Sanae Kitano with a nice cover of the classic Eric Johnson track - Victory

Sanae Kitano - Victory(Eric Johnson)

Sanae Kitano with a nice cover of the classic track featuring Yngwie J Malmsteen
Sanae Kitano - Island In The Sun (Alcatrazz)-Cover-

Abby Clutario: exclusive performance of Pagbalik by Fuseboxx

fuseboxx is a 4-piece Pinoy (Filipino) Progressive rock band.
BiographyFormed in 2001, Their existence became an inspiration that opened the doors to progressive music in the Philippines. 

Abby Clutario - vocals/Chapman Stick/keyboards
Mico Ong - guitars
Eric Tubon - synthesizers/keyboards
Anthony Dio - drums

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For gigs, bookings, and TF: (+63)927-8533085
Fuseboxx (formed 2001) received widespread acclaim for their musical-precision and -technical proficiency. This, especially so for their ability to meld and incorporate Filipino sentimentality with the different musical elements from a vast array of genres (rock, fusion, pop, classical, new age, metal, alternative, etc.) in order to create cohesive and thematic materials—indeed, arranging their music into movements that convey a compelling musical message.

Considered as one of the strongest local live acts, they leave any rock fan, musician or musical critic breathless with their ability to constantly amaze the audience—as much because of their complex arrangements and musical dexterity as the apparent passion each member puts into the creation and performance of their music.

Truly, watching Fuseboxx perform proves to be an unforgettable and visceral experience, proving that musicality and creativity at the level of all known fusion and progressive rock bands in the international music scene (such as Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, etc) isn’t reserved for bands of the First World alone... With Fuseboxx, the Third World, especially the Philippines, can continue to hold aloft the banners that show what kind of musicians “Filipinos” are made of.
Band interestsESP Guitars, Tesla, Nord, Access Virus, Arturia, Chapman Stick, Graph Tech, George L's, Elixir Strings and Cables
Artists we also likeRush, Liquid Tension, O.S.I., King Crimson, Neal Morse

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EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE: "Pagbalik" by Fuseboxx