Monday, 24 February 2014

Christine Lanusse: London Grammar bass cover - Hey Now - bass as she is meant to be played

This is something I've tried this morning :-) I love this song by London Grammar and I've made a cover of it with only bass tracks, nothing so complicated, I hope you will enjoy it anyway !

Main bass track recorded with :

- Cort C4 FL
- Crel pickups
- Little Mark III
- Markbass "compressore"

The other tracks were recorded with :

- Antoine Elkine bass
- Mercadal Benedetti pickups
- Aguilar OPB 3 preamp
- Little Mark III
- Markbass "compressore"
- Dean Markley strings

London Grammar bass cover - Hey Now

An Infectious Grooves cover - "you pick me up (just to throw me down)"

My interpretation of Haken's "Because it's there"

JJ: Sum 41 - Over My Head and In Too Deep

A new guitar cover after a while ^^ I used my instrumental cover of Sum 41's 'Over My Head (Better Off Dead)' as backing track to avoid playing the original in the back.

Sum 41 - Over My Head (Better Off Dead)(Guitar Cover) by JJ

Decided to make some guitar covers. I'm just in the mood of it. ^^ First one: "In Too Deep" by Sum 41. One of my favourites :D
My camera got some kind of green screen for the first 9 seconds of the video, so it starts a little bit later than the audio recording ^^
I recorded video and audio in PARALLEL. no cuts, everything in one take ^^ Have fun, rate, comment and subscribe :D
Stay tuned for my next instrumental cover: (I won't list the title) so... something by Three Days Grace ^^

Sum 41 - In Too Deep (Guitar Cover) by JJ

Shian Hirsch: with Viktorian Guitars NAMM 2014

Viktorian Guitars / Shian Hirsch / Vintage & RareTv / NAMM 2014

3D Printed Guitars Played By Shian Hirsch At Viktorian NAMM Showcase