Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sally Gates: Orbweaver set for appearance on Metal Messiah Radio

Orbweaver - Sally Gates

Randy and Sally talk with Jet from Metal Messiah Radio. Tune in at www.metalmessiahradio.com
See you in Little Rock!

Irene Ketikidi: headed for the Frankfurt Musikmesse!

Irene Ketikidi
Can't believe I'll be at the Messe Frankfurt next week, a gazillion thanks to XVive Audio for organising everything!!


Gretchen Menn
Here are the three of us hanging at the Greg Howeshow at NAMM this year.

Gretchen Menn,Irene Ketikidi, Nili Brosh: Japanese Young guitar magazine thinks these girls are シュレッドおいしい

Gretchen Menn

In Young Guitar Magazine, with my guitar sisters, Irene Ketikidi and Nili Brosh, both wonderful guitarists and total sweeties! Thanks to Mark Manion for the photo.

Hey we know these girls are totally Shreddelicous! 

Ariel Bellvalaire: Black Cat Guitar Solo! - Janet Jackson

Black Cat Guitar Solo! - Janet Jackson

Thank you Gibson Showroom NYC for letting me use this significantly amazing Les Paul!

Female Guitarist Ariel Plays Black Cat Solo!!!