Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Irene Ketikidi: is at the Frankfurt Musikmesse - say hello if you see her!

with Gruv Gear

#gruvartist Irene Ketikidi rocking at day one at#musikmesse. See her again tomorrow if you missed it! — with Irene Ketikidi.

Getting ready for a pedal show

Coffee at the Frankfurt airport

Anouck André: demos the Lâg Arkane ACB15 with some jazz looping

I just received this wonderful Lâg Arkane ACB15 (Bédarieux, France) and I just wanted to have fun with her , what is pretty easy because the guitar is awesome :-)
I'm just plugged into the Axe Fx II , with a Vox AC 30 simulation.
More infos here :

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Jazzy loop improvisation

Monique Martinelli: Lost Without You - John Petrucci

Autor: John Petrucci
Musica: Lost Without You
Album: Suspended Animation(2005)

Espero que gostem!!:)
Cheers,mates! o/

Monique Martinelli - Lost Without You

JAM #5 | Monique Martinelli e Paulinho Fillho