Thursday, 13 March 2014

Alissia Benveniste: Bass star "Let it Out" - Live at Berklee College of Music

Alissia Benveniste performs her original song "Let it Out" live at Berklee College of Music's 1A Berk Recital Hall.

Alissia Benveniste: bass, voice
Ben Zecker: musical director, keys
Robert Gould: background vocals
Ricky McKinney: background vocals
Desmond Scaife Jr.: background vocals
Nero Tindal: guitar
Ryan Stanbury: trumpet
Lomar Brown: alto saxophone
Jomo Slusher: trombone
Coran Henley: drums
Moez Dawad: percussion

Recorded live in Berk Recital Hall:
Feri Gutierrez: recording engineer
Jeff Kensey: recording engineer
Mariana Migliore: recording engineer
Simon Katz: mixing engineer

Video by 21summit Production
Joe Barnard: videographer
Mastered by M Works Sudios
Jonathan Wyner: engineer

Alissia Benveniste, "Let it Out" - Live at Berklee College of Music

Maddie Rice: Berklee - Common Thread, "For the One Time"

Common Thread is a collective of like-minded musicians from all over the globe, brought together by a passion for good vibes, music that makes you move, and a purpose for building musicianship amongst each other. Common Thread was founded in 2013 by bassist Alissia Benveniste, guitarist Maddie Rice, and drummer Amber Baker.

Composed by A. Benveniste, A. Baker, and M. Rice
Horn arrangement by A. Johnson

Gabrielle Walter-Clay: voice
Arnetta Johnson: trumpet
Tali Rubinstein: recorder
Rie Oguchi: alto sax
Mariama Tatum: tenor sax
Myrish Spell: trombone
Maddie Rice: guitar
Meritxell Neddermann: keys
Alissia Benveniste: bass
Amber Baker: drums
Negah Santos: percussion

Recorded live at Berklee College's Red Room @ Cafe 939
Marc Malanca: stage crew
Nicolas Sylvestre: stage crew
Fernando Guitierrez: stage crew

Recorded by the Berklee Internet Radio Netwoberrk (BIRN)
Ryan Walsh: recording engineer
Simon Katz: mixing engineer, assistant recording engineer

Filmed by 21summit Productions
Joe Barnard: videographer, editor

Mastered by M Works Studios
Jonathan Wyner: engineer

Common Thread, "For the One Time"

Alicia Marie Venchuk: interviewed by Michael Limnios from

Alicia Marie Venchuk: The Future

Alicia Marie Venchuk is a guitar player/vocalist, 19 years old. She was born in Hinsdale, IL, but currently living in Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan. Alicia is proving that training and talent can be an incredibly gifted combination. She have been playing guitar for about nine years now. She especially enjoys playing blues, swing, and jazz music. Started playing guitar because she saw B.B. King on television, and he was talking about how he plays and does his vibrato. Marie has been very fortunate to become acquainted with Marty "Big Dog" Mercer; one of the Chicago area's finest blues performers. He has given her the opportunity to play with seasoned players in and around Joliet, IL, creating experiences that would last a lifetime.

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