Friday, 28 March 2014

Alexandra Maiolo: Brief Encounter (Jan Cyrka) cover

I know it's non perfect, there are some mistakes but I wanted to post it, it's my first homemade video :S

Alexandra Maiolo - Brief Encounter (Jan Cyrka) cover

Giulia Tudisco: 16 year old girl playing blues and "Cryin" by Joe Satriani

My guitar student Giulia tudisco play with me "Tore Down"

Giulia Tudisco 16 year old girl playing blues "I'm tore down" (V.Grieco's Guitar student)

Giulia Tudisco "La Grange" jamming with me (allievi di V.Grieco)

Giulia Tudisco "Cryin" Joe Satriani cover (Allievi di V.Grieco)