Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sophie Lloyd: Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day Solo

+Sophie Lloyd  posts covers on her YouTube channel... this is one from Avenged Sevenfold

Guitarist from Henley-On-Thames, playing in all styles but specialising in Rock and Metal :)


Seize The Day Solo

Irin Prechanvinit: classical guitar exuding elegance, poise and grace

What a cute little girl iris as much ability. In classical music, the sound of her guitar Obtain a passport to study in Holland. , coolant , but before she goes The Sinlapin.com invited her to play in these situations. different website and interview as inspiration and experience. different situations that are in play. meet with her ​​in www.sinlapin.com

Irin Prechanvinit/Etude8.avi

Julia Florida / IRIN Prechanvinit.avi

Irin Prechanvinit ,Prelude 998 Bach,

Annette Kruisbrink: 60+ - minimal music for guitar - inventive ideas for classical guitar!

I composed 60+ in 1988 and dedicated it to my teacher Pieter van der Staak. The piece has a minimal character. I combined two existing guitar techniques (hammer on/pull off and right hand arpeggios) resulting in a new playing technique and a complexity of rhythms.

It is notated in boxes. Each box contains a separate motif; the playing order must remain intact (as notated), but each motif can be repeated ad libitum. Each motif proceeds to the next without interruption: the total composition (60 boxes + coda) lasts 15-20 minutes. I.e. each box lasts (on average) 15-20 seconds. For this youtube clip however I didnt repeat the motifs as many times as I normally do when I play it for an audience. This is because of the time limit youtube prescribes.

60 + is published by the Dutch publishing company DONEMUS, Amsterdam. Website Annette Kruisbrink: http://www.annettekruisbrink.nl

60+ (minimal music for guitar) - Annette Kruisbrink

Li-sa-X: Artist Works's Paul Gilbert Responds to Li-Sa X after her 1.9 million view Racer X hits the headlines!

Paul Gilbert (http://PaulGilbertGuitar.com) was so impressed with Lisa X's cover of "Scarified" from his old group Racer X that he recorded a special video inviting her to join his online guitar school!


Paul Gilbert Responds to Li-Sa X

りーさーXです♡ https://www.facebook.com/lisaxguitar

Japanese 8 year old Li-sa-X shreds "Scarified" by RACER X !

RACER X "Scarified" Cover / Li-sa-X (Japanese 8 year old girl)

Julieta Saavedra: jamming in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina!

So I was walking and I found this girl, really cool!! Check her


"Tarde de ensayo"
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Julieta Saavedra