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Susan Weinert: special clinic date already sold out!

Susan Weinert - Jazz Guitar

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Workshop assignment:  Sold out!

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EUR 240, -
EUR 150, - for students more info

Susan Weinert has gained a firm place in the league pioneering guitarist in more than 3000 concerts around the globe. In over 30 years of stage experience, the artist looks back. It feels just as at home on the acoustic to the electric guitar. Her powerful style, her masterly use of the instrument, its unmistakable sound and their sophisticated, innovative compositions can be anywhere in the world, enthusiastic fan base grow steadily. Determined, she corrects her developing their own music. 12 albums worldwide exclusively with compositions from their own spring bear witness their creativity and work ethic.

Toki: Aldious guitarist announces clinics for Hughes & Kettner

Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifier Clinic feat. Toki (Aldious), held decision! !
May 9, 2014

Aldious guitarist Toki is, favored by Hughes & Kettner inaugural Rock House Ikebe in the clinic of the guitar amplifier. COREBLADE and 36 Grand Meister , TubeMeister from demonstration using the amplifier, such as a favorite, to valuable talk you only listen to here and the secret of making sound, a great opportunity to become a for sure if guitarist. In addition, we look forward to also offer benefits for visiting bidder for. Purchase tickets, contact us, Rock House to Ikebe Ikebukuro. We are looking forward, to meeting of everyone!

Toki: Profile

Born in Osaka . 3 , the piano from the age of 15 I start from the age of the guitar. After working in a variety of bands based in Osaka,
Aldious shocked intense musical piece on the stomach melodious of 2009 years 1 month to join, playing heavy metal, it becomes listen.
The same year 11 May, Aldious it will be the first single source of 4 songs EP " Dear Slave it is Sorudo out in self-produced release, in each metal-based specialty store the ".
2010 The debut single "Defensive Dead Desire" in the year. 7,000 sold out immediately after the sheet 1st released album "Deep Exceed"
3 to hit more than a million copies. 2013 is the year in 3rd released album "District zero",
Oricon album weeks 7 in / Daily 4 and ranked in the place. BURRN! magazine 2014 year 1 and who is selected in Appendix poster solo in the May issue.
In charge of the poor live in the guitar. It is good at backing and rhythm guitar, but play and twin lead, as well as solo classical.
Flashy performance and intense spray and head-banging is characterized, I also play acoustic guitar. In the ballad piano me to show off.
As a composer, you are good popular songs of Al Diaz and "cherry blossoms" such as "Eternal Delusion", the composer of the rise in the number of live especially.
5 to be released on May 5th single song composer of "The Other World" is also in charge.

Using guitar:
Use amplifier: HUGHES & KETTNER ( Hughes and Kettner ) / COREBLADE , GrandMeister36 , TubeMeister 18 Head

Aldious - Other World (Music Video Sample)

Aldious - LIVE DVD 『District Zero Tour ~Live at Shibuya O-EAST~ 』 ダイジェスト動画

Angela Tapìas: with Chalo Cantor - Jam # 1

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Angela Tapìas - Chalo Cantor - Jam # 1