Monday, 12 May 2014

Joanne Shaw Taylor: recording new tunes... live dates for US and Canada

Joanne Shaw Taylor
Day 6 in the studio!.... good to be back at my 2nd home with the Mr Jim Gaines...

JST Web; here are some new US shows for you
19.06.2014 USA PA Blawnox Moondogs
20.06.2014 USA NY Buffalo Iron Works
21.06.2014 CAN ON Gravenhurst Peter’s Players
22.06.2014 USA NY Syracuse Dinosaur

Yasi Hofer: new 7- String Guitar that Suhr Custom revealed

Yasi Hofer

Time to reveal my new 7- String Guitar that Suhr Custom - Guitars | Amplifiers | Pedals | Pickups custom built for me. 

Another dream coming true, having a guitar built the way I want and it being THE only guitar out there looking this cool

Maru Martinez: Game of Thrones

I've always thought the main theme of this series to be an awesome song by Ramind Djawadi so i figured i'd try to arrange it for guitar. It's actually my first try at fully arranging something and done entirely by ear, so feedback is welcome! :)

Game of Thrones Cover/Arrangement