Monday, 11 August 2014

Su-metal, Moametal, Yuimetal: Babymetal - Sonisphere Festival UK

※セットリスト Set list

2 ギミチョコ!! Gimme chocolate!!
3 Catch me if you can
5 イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ Ijime,Dame,Zettai

BABYMETAL in Sonisphere Festival UK まとめ( Compilation,Set list order)

Isabella Selder: Bagatelle No. 1 from Five Bagatelles

Heike Matthiesen
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Another young lady from Germany, 23 years old Isabella Selder playing the first Bagatelle by William Walton. I played these pieces for my diploma, they sound so jazzy-relaxed when you play them well, but they are really tough work to make it sound that easy - and Isabella plays it great!
And it is one more video of one of the most interesting guitar shops, +SiccasGuitars +Siccas Guitars , they have incredible guitars and invite artists to play those treasures on beautiful videos, check their youtubechannel!

Isabella Selder plays Five Bagatelles No. 1 by William Walton on a 2012 Paco Santiago Marin.
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Isabella Selder plays Bagatelle No. 1 from Five Bagatelles by William Walton

Leticia Filizzola: great Funk jam

A cool funk jam I heard many years ago by a Korean girl and finally decided to learn it.

Hope you'll enjoy and share.

Funk jam - Leticia Filizzola Dias

The original by Su for Dame guitars in Korea has 5.3 million views

Korean Girl Guitar Funk Jam

Saki, Rio: Mary's Blood - Marionette - Japan tour dates announced

Mary's Blood First Major Album "Countdown to Evolution"
* Normal Edition CD ¥3,000+tax
* Limited Edition CD + DVD ¥3,500+tax
Out on 20th August 2014

Electric Lady Loud~前夜祭~
LIVE 22, Aug. 2014

“Tour Act 1:Countdown to Evolution” in TOKYO
LIVE 11, Oct. 2014

Tickets are available at the start of each play guide (Sat) July 19> for more information on HP Te! ! ★ Official Site:

Mary's Blood / Marionette MV(Short Ver.)

Taylor George: working on the solos for November Rain

I always loved this song and Slash is one of my favorite guitarists.

November Rain (Solos #1 & 2)