Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Yasi Hofer: All Along The Watchtower - live

Yasi Hofer's Debut CD titled "Yasi" is OUT NOW!

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Recorded 2014/08/06 @ Stadtgarten/Konstanz (Konstanzer Sommernächte)

Yasi Hofer (Guitar & Vocals)
Steffen Knauss (Bass)
Christoph Scherer (Drums)
Simon Bamberger (Keys & Guitar)
Philipp Ziegler (Guitar)

YASI HOFER & Band - All Along The Watchtower (Live)

Yasi Hofer: Yasi

Alexandra Zerner: Guitar Solo Contest 2014 Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - Alexandra Zerner
My entry for the competition. I hope you'll like it :) Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - Alexandra Zerner

Guitar Addiction VOL.2 – Guitar Solo Contest 2014

Christine Lanusse: joins Hans Van Even's new touring line up

Hans Van Even: I'm very excited to let you know what the composition of our band will be and I'm grateful these outstanding musicians accepted to take the adventure with me!

Christine Lanusse - Bass
Xavier Richard - Drums
Olivier Sousbie - Keys

We're currently looking for venues to play starting end this year, so if you'd like us to play in your area and you have ideas for clubs/scenes to play please drop us a message The music will be a mix of my own compositions and also covers from other progressive bands.

Christie Lenée: New Track "We Are One" Posted for Streaming Preview!

As you may know, I've been in Alaska for the past two months fulfilling a musical contract on Holland America Cruise line. Performing on the ship and around various ports of Alaska has been an incredible experience all around!

We made a ton of progress on the album mixing prior to my departure on June 15th, however once I got to Alaska the engineer and I had a tough time coordinating things considering the 4 hour time difference. We're back on a great track now and positively, the album release should be taking place in October!

I'm working hard to get this album out to you along with the promised video guitar lessons and ebook of song lyrics. In the meantime, two song previews have just been posted on my Reverbnation Page below. Feel free to stream "We Are One" and "Daylight Comes" as much as you'd like to get an idea of what we're working on! Here is the link:

Tour dates

Thanks so much for all of your contributions on the Kickstarter Campaign back in May as well. I can't wait to share the final album with you!

With love and enormous gratitude to you. <3

Live, create, explore...

Christie Lenée

Mia Coldheart, Klara Force: Crucified Barbara, Revolver launch new track "Electric Sky"

Scandinavia's leading all-lady hard rock/heavy metal outfit, Crucified Barbara, has teamed up with Revolver to launch a new song "Electric Sky" from the band's upcoming album In the Red. Stream "Electric Sky" here: before In the Red drops September 10 on Despotz Records.

"We started writing the song before recording the last album, The Midnight Chase," the band told Revolver. "It wasn't perfect at the time, but we felt it had a lot of potential so we decided to take the time to make it perfect.

"Writing and playing music is sometimes like a force of nature. The creativity and energy feel almost supernatural. It's like the northern lights, it feels magical - but it is actually happening. That beautiful feeling is our 'Electric Sky.'"

In the Red can be pre-ordered now through the Crucified Barbara web-store at:

The band's Despotz debut was recorded at Studio Music-A-Matic, Gothenburg with producer Chips Kiesby and engineer Henryk Lip. Artwork for album number four comes courtesy of Stockholm, Sweden artist Erik Rovanpera.

Dealing with topics like misogyny and animal rights, Crucified Barbara calls In the Red"the best thing we've ever done musically. We have always been shocked by injustice and oppression, and this time, our opinions have taken an even bigger place in the songwriting."

Earlier this year, Crucified Barbara launched a music video for the track "To Kill a Man"

stating "One fifth of all the world's women have been raped or assaulted in their lifetime. The dark statistics became the basis for the song 'To Kill a Man' and our most important message of the video. The production company 11Frames has captured our vision perfectly, and we are proud that we take the opportunity lifting heavy topics such as violence and sexism with a really heavy hard rock video."

"To Kill a Man" can be purchased on iTunes at: and streamed on Spotify at: