Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yuri Isobe: Moment music video

Alma mater, Kyoto Kamo沂(Ki king) in high school

I took a music video of "MOMENT". : Issues of duck沂高school Http://Coboon.Jp/memory.Of.Ouki/?Cat=10 CD of this song here:Http://Amzn.To/14guVdl

Yuri Isobe - Moment music video @鴨沂高校

Anouck André: Lâg T400 ACE - Blackbird - acoustic performance

This is my humble cover of Blackbird. I tried to get close to Al di Meola version. I used several versions to transcribe it, but the main one was this one:

If I find the time I'll upload the tab and I will work on the missing part of the song.
If you havn't yet, check out 'All your Life, a Tribute to the Beatles' by Al di Meola.

Capture and Video Editing by Eric Louis
My guitar is a Lâg T400 ACE plugged straight into the Axe FX II.

Blackbird - Al di Meola cover

Tess Tyler: working on Intervals

Tess Tyler: Guitar fail of the highest degree.

Failing at Intervals