Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tash Wolf: Autumn Leaves Guitar Cover

Zeljko Glamocanin: I just would like to share a video of my best student at the ABC Of Music...2 years ago she come to me as a very talented girl...look at her now...Like I've said before 'Orianthi is not the only female guitar player that came from Australia and will rock the world'...We have more of them and Tash is definitely one of them...Tash Wolf - Autumn Leaves guitar cover

Tash Wolf - Autumn Leaves Guitar Cover

Jennifer Batten: Europe tour dates


Sept 3 Festival-Macerata, Italy with band ( Simon Fitzpatrick (bass) and Jerry Sadowski (drums) Nazzareno Zacconi )
Sept 6 Brescia (Guesting with King of Pop show)3480083444
Sept 7 MAF - Fiorano Italy clinic, solo film show PLUS playing w Nazzareno Zacconi band
Sept 12 Voce dal Ponte- Monopoli Italy -solo film show
Sept 13 Taranto guitar clinic TBA
Sept 14 Catanzaro- solo film show
Sept 18 Silvi Marina
Sept 20 Avezzano
Sept 23 Bad Bull - Cupra Marittima Italy -solo film show
Sept 25 Festival - Santena, Italy (Guesting w King of Pop show)
Sept 27 Teatro Nuovo San Babila - Milano Italy special with Michael Jackson tribute show

Sept 29 Budapest solo film show
Sept 30 Bratislava , Slovakia TBA
October 1 Reigen - Wien Austria
Oct 2 Bluesiana Velden Austria
Oct 3 Crazy Bull Vicenza, Italy solo film show

afternoon masterclass - evening show with Simon Fitzpatrick (bass) and Jerry Sadowski (drums) Nazzareno Zacconi

Octo 10 The Black Stuff Udine, Italy
Oct 11 Bergano TBA
Oct 14 Pisa, Italy
Oct 15 Genova, Italy
Oct 16 Sacra BirraCorso Moncenisio, 18 10057 Sant'Ambrogio (Torino)
Telefono: 331/16.28.452

Oct 17 II Peocio Trofarello Italy solo film show with special guest
Oct 18 Rome TBA

Jess Lewis: Busking with Brubeck and Benson

Playing over Take The A Train.

Take The A Train (Dave Brubeck) by Jess

Playing over Affirmation backing track.

Affirmation (George Benson) by Jess

Mai Agan: Steel MaiHeart - Sweet Baby Sebastian

Alf Carlsson - guitar
Simon Ekström - lapsteel & acoustic guitar
Mai Agan - bass & composition
Simon Andersson - drums

Mai Agan & Steel MaiHeart - Sweet Baby Sebastian

Lisa Lim: Live at Tally Ho!

Lisa Lim performing a Tedeschi medley, opening for legendary Leon Russell, at Tally Ho Theatre!

Lisa Lim Live at Tally Ho!

Lisa Lim Live at Tally Ho Theatre!

Blues Alley Soundcheck with Lisa Lim

Rachel Flowers: How to Play the Intro and Riff From "You Give Love a Bad Name"

Rachel Flowers - Hearing Is Believing - film trailer
Jeanie Flowers

You can be a part of Rachel's story! Your contribution to our crowd funding campaign will help us to complete this exciting documentary, and will help us to produce the official soundtrack CD featuring Rachel's original compositions. 

Rachel Flowers - Hearing Is Believing
A feature documentary by Lorenzo DeStefano

For more project information please visit www.rachelflowersfil­ &

We can be contacted at­m /805 641-3845.

Sophie Lloyd: Bulletproof Revolver (Original Song)

My first original guitar song!!! Hope you guys like it!!!
I wrote all lead guitar parts and harmonies :)
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Credit to masanoriutsumi for inspiration from a backing track -
Sophie Lloyd Bulletproof Revolver (Original Song)

Joanne Shaw Taylor: making of The Dirty Truth

Joanne Shaw Taylor, making of The Dirty Truth

Download Mud Honey now on iTunes

For more information visit -

Born and raised in the Black Country, Joanne was originally discovered by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart as a 16 year old guitar prodigy. Through hard work and near-constant touring, she is now one of the hottest young names on the British Blues circuit. She is admired and respected by many leading blues guitarists including Joe Bonamassa.

Joanne was voted "Best British Female Vocalist" at the British Blues Awards in 2010 and 2011. Almost Always Never, was helmed by the legendary record producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Patty Griffin) in Austin, Texas. Joanne was invited as special guest to Annie Lennox performing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in June 2012.

New album 'The Dirty Truth' release date 22.09.14.


I had the song title "Mud, Honey" for several years and intended to write an instrumental under that name. I originally wanted my second album "Diamonds in the Dirt" to be called "Mud, Honey." When we went in to the new album with Jim Gaines, I took a demo of this in and told him it was going to be an instrumental, however, when I heard how it sounded with the band, it was so big and heavy it seemed a shame not to write some lyrics for it.

I decided to go with a darker subject matter for the lyrics as I felt that’s what would do the heavy track justice. It’s a fictional song about a gangster style character whose burned too many bridges.

When I sat down to write the song that would become “The Dirty Truth” I was actually attempting to write a country track. I’m a big country fan and had been listening to it a lot around the time I was writing. I hit upon this riff which obviously has a slightly more blues feel to it but decided to keep the lyrics more in a story telling vain that’s obviously common in country/Americana. Again another fictional song about trying to get out of a relationship with a violent partner and the admission from the narrator that they know the only way to do so would be with the other person “winding up dead”. It’s a fictional song. I haven’t shot any of my boyfriends.

I describe this as a soul ballad. I had the title of this song written down for some time and always intended to write a slow blues track for it. I came up with the music to this song and the front part of the chorus lyric and realized it was the lyrical conclusion I needed for that chorus.

I actually wrote this about a long term relationship I ended last year. I guess it’s an apology of sorts and it also gave me the chance to explain my reasons for leaving the relationship.

Joanne Shaw Taylor, making of The Dirty Truth