Monday, 8 September 2014

Irene Ketikidi: With Lia Hide - closer NIN cover Athens

lia hide - closer NIN cover - live six dogs

lia hide: keys, vocals
irene ketikidi: guitar
andre nikakis: bass
george rados: drums

lia hide - closer NIN cover - live @ SIX D.O.G.S athens

Mia Coldheart, Klara Force: Crucified Barbara - Stream the new album "In the Red"

Scandinavia's leading all-lady hard rock/heavy metal outfit, Crucified Barbara, has teamed up with to stream the band's upcoming fourth studio album, In the Red, before it drops on September 10 via Despotz Records. Stream In the Red here:

In the Red can be pre-ordered now through the Crucified Barbara web-store at:

The band's Despotz debut was recorded at Studio Music-A-Matic, Gothenburg with producer Chips Kiesby and engineer Henryk Lip. Artwork for album number four comes courtesy of Stockholm, Sweden artist Erik Rovanpera.

Dealing with topics like misogyny and animal rights, Crucified Barbara calls In the Red"the best thing we've ever done musically. We have always been shocked by injustice and oppression, and this time, our opinions have taken an even bigger place in the songwriting."

Earlier this year, Crucified Barbara launched a music video for the track "To Kill a Man" on YouTube, stating, "One fifth of all the world's women have been raped or assaulted in their lifetime. The dark statistics became the basis for the song 'To Kill a Man' and our most important message of the video. The production company 11Frames has captured our vision perfectly, and we are proud that we take the opportunity lifting heavy topics such as violence and sexism with a really heavy hard rock video."

1. I Sell My Kids for Rock'N'Roll
2. To Kill a Man
3. Electric Sky
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Don't Call On Me
6. In The Red
7. Lunatic #1
8. Shadows
9. Finders Keepers
10. Do You Want Me
11. Follow The Stream

Crucified Barbara formed in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden with punk as a first inspiration, which can still be found as a presence today. However, throughout the years the quartet has evolved towards a harder, heavier and more contrast-filled rock sound, mixing elements of thrash, sleaze and hard rock.

Over the course of its 15-plus year existence, Crucified Barbara has toured alongside and supported such acclaimed acts as In Flames, Sepultura, Motorhead, Backyard Babies, Doro and more, while touring extensively across Europe. The band has also visited Russia, Australia and both South and North America.

Crucified Barbara will head out for a lengthy European tour in support of In the Red this fall.
Stay tuned for more information on Crucified Barbara and In the Red, out this week on Despotz.

Crucified Barbara is...
Mia Coldheart - Vocals, guitar
Ida Evileye - Bass
Klara Force - Guitar, backing vocals
Nicki Wicked - Drums, backing vocals

Crucified Barbara online...

Despotz Records online...

The Commander-In-Chief: working on four new videos with Craig Ogden

The Commander-In-Chief

Two weeks ago, ‪#‎classical‬ ‪#‎guitar‬ virtuoso Craig Ogden and I flew to Norway to film four music videos for our upcoming album. The first video will be released later this month and the album will be released later this year. We had a big team involved in the video shoots and I want to thank them all for their dedication, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile! 

First of all, thanks to Craig Ogden for being part of this! It has been a fantastic adventure to record the album and film the videos and it will be great to do live shows together in October!
Much love and respect to producer and director Elisabeth Hagen, who worked around the clock! She had some crazy ideas for locations and I never doubted she would make it happen
Many thanks and big hugs to my fantastic tailor, Goodrich Bespoke, who did an outstanding job with my new outfits!!!!

Special thanks to OMNI production´s camera man Oscar Birk, FlixFilm´s camera man Derek Bateman and the two teams from Panorama Norge AS and Cinecopter AS, who were in control of the Drones with cameras! All of you did a brilliant job and the footage looks awesome!
Also many thanks to Rubicon Norge for their help with in ear monitors and a great sound engineer who made sure we all heard the music!
Much love and hugs to the fantastic make up artist who traveled from abroad to do this for me! Also big hugs to the extraordinary hair stylist Iris Jamne! You girls were the best - working from 4am one morning, after a very long night just hours earlier - making sure I had four completely different looks for all videos
Special thanks to Anne Marit and Magnus from TangoTango who did a brilliant performance in one of the videos
Many thanks to Thore Thoresen and the rest of the people at Kjeller for their help - it was a truly unique experience and we all had a blast up there!!!
Thanks a lot to all the people who gave us permission to film at the secret locations we are not revealing yet!
Thanks a lot to studio owner Eldar at Velvet Recording for a great video shoot session!!

Many thanks to these great companies I cooperate with and endorse:
HUGE thank you to Ibanez Guitars and Mick for my new, super slim S-5527 7-string shred machine!!! It is a fantastic guitar and I am totally in love with it!!
Thanks a lot to Laney Amplification for their great support!!! The Ironheart sounds totally amazing! Special thanks to their Norwegian distributor Polysonic Norge who always goes the extra mile to make sure I have the amps I need when I am in Norway!!!
Special thanks to Annika and her team at DR STRINGS for the custom made strings for my new guitar!!! Big thank you to Levy's Leathers Ltd. for my custom made guitar strap! I love it!!!!!

Many thanks to EMG Pickups for their great support!!! Thanks to XVive pedals, who I am proud to announce that I now endorse!!!
Thanks to Audix Microphones and Cliff for fantastic support!!!
Many thanks to JHS and Paul Smith for their support and help with cables and other products!!! Thanks to Stonecastle for the great pedal board!!!

Special thanks to our private sponsors, who made it all possible
And to "uncle Kjell" who was a brilliant host, making sure Elisabeth and I had everything we needed - interesting conversations until early mornings included

Eva Vergilova: Purple Rain (Prince) - Cheapcaster style

Eva Vergilova back with her trademark Cheapcaster... Any Fender guys want to help Eva out?

Purple Rain (Prince) cover by Eva Vergilova

Eva Vergilova "Purple Rain" from Eva Vergilova on Vimeo.

Dana Marie Ulbrich: Lenny Kravitz - I'll be waiting

Westerngitarre Takamine und Gesang Dana Marie Ulbrich live in HD

Lenny Kravitz - I'll be waiting - Dana Marie Ulbrich - Cover - live in HD

Simona Soddu: My resonator guitar (Down to whiskey - Eric Sardinas)

A quick video just to show off this guitar that I'm selling. I bought it years ago because I'm big fan of Eric Sardinas, but I never really learned how to play with a slide -nor how to sing properly-. My good excuse is that I've never found a perfect slide for my little pinky :) even the smallest size is too big for me.. anyway, enjoy!

My resonator guitar (Down to whiskey - Eric Sardinas)

Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear NAMM 2014

Anouck André, Laura Laura Klinkert, when two continents collide... a nice and restrained jam session from two guitar players from France and Colombia respectively.
Anouck André
Laura Jaramillo

Anouck André, Laura Jaramillo: Gruv Gear NAMM 2014

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories - A Perfect Day For Bananafish - ripping new tune

Alexandra Zerner
I want to share with you a sample from one more track of my ‪#‎upcoming‬‪#‎debut‬ ‪#‎solo‬ ‪#‎album‬ "Nine Stories", which is called "A Perfect Day For Bananafish". Enjoy and share!

A sample from a track to my debut solo album "Nine Stories".

If you like my music, please support me, so I can do more of it:…_id=XCLF7WLZ8PHT2

Tatiana Pará: new web site available in English

Tatiana Pará
New website! Developed by Rodrigo Brito! Yeahh

Graduated Bachelor in Guitar in Alcântara Machado Arts Faculty (FAAM), Tatiana writes a monthly column since 2007 at Guitar Player Magazine Brazil. She plays, analyzes and translate with a modern and didactically language the licks of the greats of Blues and Blues / Rock. The recognition of all this work generated the invitation to be among the best Blues guitarists in Brazil in three CDs ofGuitar Player Magazine Brazil, released in 2009, 2010 and 2013. Tatiana plays guitar since her 15 years, when she fell in love for the guitar, making it her life. Currently, besides playing and composing with her band, called Crats , Tatiana works with Kriptonita band and as a "sideman" in many others projects. Crats released their first instrumental cd in october 2013. Tatiana Pará divides his knowledge ministering private lessons (in person or online) using proper method and personalized. Besides that, she conducts workshops and Masterclasses.

Annie Grunwald: Ibanez Seymour Duncan session 2 NAMM 2014

The Second session of Annie Grunwald, aka Annie Shred was invited to perform at the Seymour Duncan booth. Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow are watching
Guitar, Synths & Production · Boston, Massachusetts.

Annie Grunwald attended the Berklee College of Music
School year 2013 · Electronic Production and Design · Boston, Massachusetts

Annie Grunwald was originally from Lima, Peru

Annie Grunwald: Ibanez Seymour Duncan session 2 NAMM 2014

Jaden Carlson: jamming at NAMM 2014

+Jaden Carlson Band
Jaden Carlson blows minds. Possessing an amazing ear and an insatiable passion for playing and performing, her abilities as a guitarist, singer and songwriter are truly astounding. The Jaden Carlson Band is a high-energy power trio based out of Boulder, Colorado that melds funk, soul, jazz, fusion and rock.

Fuchs Audio & Technology
Eminence Speakers
Mad Professor Pedals
Buffalo Guitar Straps
Hercules Stands
Volition Amps
DR Strings
Zexcoil Pickups
Bump Cases and Merch
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Blueberry Guitars
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Rain Riser Systems
Crystal Frets

Jaden Carlson: jamming at NAMM 2014