Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rebecca Lovell: Larkin Poe | Jim Croce Cover ("Time In A Bottle")

Meet "Little Baby"! My new 1959 Martin Tenor guitar. Goofy young love calls for a Jim Croce jam. (For the guitar-heads out there: the tenor is tuned in open A). Now don't you wanna go down the Larkin Poe Social-Media rabbit hole? Official Website: | Facebook: | Twitter: | Instagram:

Larkin Poe | Jim Croce Cover ("Time In A Bottle")

Radka Kasparcova: Black Magic Woman cover

16 year old Radka Kasparcova playing Black Magic Woman by Santana

Radka Kasparcova - Black Magic Woman cover

Myth: working on two handed #Tapping impro# week 30

Boss BR800

#Tapping impro# week 30

Ludmila Oliveira: Forró Brasil

Forró Brasil - Hermeto Pascoal

Arranged and played by Ludmila Oliveira.
Forró Brasil

Amanda Sheu: Zangief 桑吉爾夫-Blood of god - killer playing!

hi !!

This is my mission Zangief's song - God's precious blood, is the most favorite one is the hardest one bomb, I hope you will like hi ~ this is a new Song of my Band, it Favorite and MOST is the word 'for Me, Will i Hope you like it Zangief Zangief: ------------------- --------------------- ----------------------------- - 2014/10/09 Taichung echo arena 2014/10/31 Taipei Revolver

Zangief 桑吉爾夫-Blood of god by amanda

Jess Lewis: Eleven - Nicholas Payton - insane bass in anyone's book

Jess Lewis: bass over the end section of this tune.......

Shreddelicious: insane bass in anyone's book

Eleven - Nicholas Payton Bass Cover by Jess

Miyako Watanabe: 21g / Spot G1

Miyako Watanabe: Mi-Ya

21g / Spot G1

21g 天照賛歌 MV SPOT

21g / 天照賛歌 MV