Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Claudia Gamba: Out of the Cage - Cellulite Star - official videoclip 2014

IZZY / Isabella Tuni : vocals
KLA / Claudia Gamba : guitars
ERIKA / Erika Pagin : bass
ELISA / Elisa Montin : drums

The Star Cellulite is a trademark in the panorama of Italian female rock'n'roll. Four girls with a strong taste and ear trained to create forceful and magnetic melodies hardpunknroll presented to the public in 2008 their debut album "Explicit Attitude", full of stinging riffs and overwhelming, with catchy music, revelers and pervaded by a strong attitude ri r'n'r beautiful! After several changes of line-up, finally in 2011 the band is ready to go with more charged than ever, with live concerts and a second album in the works. These girls know exactly what 'want : their sole purpose and 'what to play and have fun doing both with style to spare!


CELLULITE STAR - Out of the Cage // official videoclip (2014)


Anna Portalupi: Get The Funk Out Bass Cover

Anna portalupi is endorsed by

Music Man
Mogar Music
Taurus Amp
Galli Strings

Anna Portalupi - Get The Funk Out Bass Cover

Tereza Pšenčíková, Nikola Kandoussi: Give It To Me - The Agony - official music video

Tereza Pšenčíková,Nikola Kandoussi: Give It To Me - The Agony

Nikola Kandoussi - rhythm guitar / lead vocals,
KATIE SKATIE - bass / backing vocals,
Tereza Pšenčíková - lead guitar,

The Agony - 'Give It To Me' (2014)

Režie / kamera / produkce: Allan Šubert
Asistent režie / produkce, mix & mastering songu: Djamy Kandoussi
Make-up: Iva Balcarová
Natočeno 27. 9. 2014 v Music Clubu MAX -¨

The Agony - Give It To Me (official music video)

Miyako Watanabe: Emerald Green - 21g new promo video

Miyako Watanabe: Emerald Green - 21g new promo video


21g / 天照賛歌 MV

Kiki Wongo:As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God and Nylon Pink live

Kiki Wongo:As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God and Nylon Pink live

Lamb of God - As the Palaces Burn Guitar Cover by Kiki Wongo from Nylon Pink

Nylon Pink: This is our newest single live!

2AM Live @ Kawaiiland

Nita Strauss: new t-shirt coming to the on line store soon

Nita Strauss

Wellllllp... Since I'm at a dead stop on the 5 on the way back to LA from Orange County, I guess now is as good a time as any to let the cat out of the bag about something!!! Here is the very first look at the first merch design that will be up in the store at in the next week or so! It took longer than expected and we had quite a few surprises along the way but it was definitely worth the wait! Lots more pics and details coming soon! Photo by design by Liam Garrity