Monday, 13 October 2014

Laura Cox: Live in Pacific Rock 2014

Live in Pacific Rock 10-07-2014. Laura Cox du rock direct qui va à l'essentiel, la guitare en avant.

Laura Cox - Cowboys And Beer

Laura Cox - Could It Get Better

Laura Cox - Leave The Pain

The Rest Of The World

Itsuka Yamasaki: Jam over a David Gilmour style backing track using the new Partscaster

Recently I put together a partscaster. Not that I underestimated it but it was quite hard. Thank you all my friends for keeping asking me when I was going to finish the guitar. Otherwise I might have given it up.

I thought I'd do a quick demo. I admire Roy Buchanan/Albert Collins and Jeff Beck at the same time so it is a telecaster with a whammy bar. My playing is quite rough but hopefully the video shows how the guitar sounds. Not the best sounding guitar but I'm happy that the guitar actually produces any sort of sound!!

Body: 2pc swamp ash from
Aniline dye and (sort of) French polish finish.

Neck: Second-hand 2pc maple from ebay. Took the gloss finish off and refinished it with tru--oil and wax.

Pickups: Artec vintage alnico set.
Wired 4-way and the position closest to the neck gives you neck and bridge PU in series.

Bridge: Stetsbar

Amp is Vox AC15. Also used Boss CS2 and Digitech Bad Monkey.
Sorry I can't remember where I got the backing track from. Something to do with David Gilmour I think

Partscaster w/ Stetsbar demo

Jude Drakeford: Bite of the mosquito, by John Petrucci, at 240bpm

16 year old Jude Drakeford attempts Bite of the mosquito, by John Petrucci, at 240bpm (16th notes). Originally recorded by John Petrucci at 180bpm.

16 year old female guitarist attempts Bite of the mosquito at 240bpm

16 year old female guitarist plays "The Devil went down to Georgia" the Steve Ouimette version

Divaldi Addina: Jam in "A" Dorian - 13 years old

This is My first improvisation over Dorian Mode.
i hope y'all like it.
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Thank you.. Have an awesome day :-)

PS.. Thank you very very much to for an awesome Backin Track.

My Wicked style over "A" Dorian Mode - 13 years old Divaldi

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing - Cover by Divaldi Addina