Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Yvette Young: Just got Mark Holcomb and Paul Masvidal Pro Tone Pedals

Yvette Young

Look what arrived in the mail! I tried out the chorus pedal immediately and loved it... I know what I'll be using at band practice this week!

About to try out the haunted delay. I will definitely post videos soon! 

Thanks so much Pro Tone Pedals — with Mark Holcomb and Paul Masvidal.

Tina Guo: TV appearances

Tina Guo: recent TV appearances

4 videos22 minutes

Tina Guo: TV appearances

Christie Lenée: with Tim Reynolds - Two Acoustic Guitars Call/Response

Keep watching to see Tim Reynolds and Christie Lenee trade phrases back and forth on two acoustic guitars... Incredible! Live improv with TR3 at Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT 10/7/14. See more videos with Tim and Christie at, Playlist entitled "Tim Reynolds and Christie Lenee."

Tim Reynolds and Christie Lenee, Two Acoustic Guitars Call/Response...

Radka Kasparcova: Black Magic Woman - great play through

16 year old Radka Kasparcova playing Black Magic Woman by Santana

Radka Kasparcova - Black Magic Woman cover

Tina Hristova: with Metalworks - The Trooper (Live in Camden - London)

Live at "Monarch". Camden - London 19/10/2014

Tina Hristova and Metalworks - The Trooper (Live in Camden - London)

Anikina Kate: live in Blur Cafe - classy blues jamming

Anikina Kate live in Blur Cafe