Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Anouck André: Steve Morse Intervallic Run

here is a run that I really like form the great Steve Morse!
Hope you'll enjoy as well!
Free Backing track here:

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30 Days Guitar Challenge #12: Steve Morse Intervallic Run

Jess Lewis: incredible cover of Larry Carltons '(It Was) Only Yesterday'

Jess Lewis - (It Was) Only Yesterday

Jess Lewis has proven over the years that she can replicate any classic track with complete precision and pure beauty. Well, she has done it again!

Using her trusty Fractal Axe FX ii to dial in the perfect tone, she has reconsructed Larry Carlton's '(It Was) Only Yesterday' track note perfect. This track may not have a billion notes, but in order to get the performance just right takes sheer class.....which Larry definately has, and Jess has proven she also has in abundance!

As this track is a cover we cannot offer the transriptions, however we have written up some notes for you to study when you tackle playing over the backing track!

Check out the performance below and enjoy this free download which comes with Jess' solo track, backing track, vdieo performance and track notes.

Jess uses preset patch 24 'Friedman HBE' of the Fractal Axe FX II, to recreate this classic Larry Carlton tone.

Sponsored by Fractal Audio https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/series/jess-lewis-it-was-only-yesterday/

Jess Lewis' incredible cover of Larry Carltons '(It Was) Only Yesterday'