Friday, 14 November 2014

Irene Ketikidi: Sleep Alone - SILVER EYES

Irene Ketikidi
Check this out, Silver Eyes tune "Sleep Alone" featuring myself on the lead guitar from 02:07 onwards

contact with Silver Eyes:

Sleep Alone - SILVER EYES

Shoka Okubo, Juna Serita: Shoka Okubo Blues Project - Freddie King

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Live at Shinsekai, Nishi-Azabu on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014.

Shoka Okubo (guitar & vocal)
Juna Serita (bass)
Makotomo Sonohara (drums)
Ayunje (vocal)

Shoka Okubo Blues Project_Freddie King

11/3 with Kan-Tera Session at TERRA, Nishiogi, on Monday Nov. 3rd, 2014.

Haphazardly session, but we enjoyed so much! :)
Makoto Takahashi joined that in the middle.

Kazuhito Terada (vo&l-gtr)
Kanji Ishii (r-gtr)
Masahiko Rokukawa (b)
Teruo Matsumoto (dr)
Shoka Okubo (gtr)
Makoto Takahashi (gtr)

haphazardly mojo workin

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper's guitarist gets a Peterson Tuner

Peterson Tuners
Featured....Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper! We have the honor of having this outrageously talented player count on our tuners, and this is what she had to say of us. "I trust Peterson Tuners to make sure my guitar is perfectly in tune every time I step on that stage!" Thanks for the love, Nita! — with Nita Strauss and Alice Cooper.

Isa Nielsen: Synthetic Inoxia - first solo original

This is my first music copyright, Synthetic inoxia. Production: Thiago Oliveira Down: Fabio Carito Keyboard: Flavio Sallin Guitars: Ibanez Isa Nielsen and

Synthetic Inoxia

Emma Stevens: The 12 Hour Buskathon for Children in Need!

The epic 12 hours condensed down to around 5 minutes! Thank you to all the great musicians that came and busked along with us and to everyone that watched, supported or donated to help us raise money for this wonderful charity. xx

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The 12 Hour Buskathon for Children in Need!

Sarah Lipstate: Noveller European Tour Pt. 5

Noveller suffers defeat at the hands of the striking Deutsche Bahn but still survives to play in Germany.
Directed and Edited by Alexis Fleisig

Noveller European Tour Pt. 5

Neng Mayang: Gitaris - young player displays some skills!

Neng Mayang little girl with a lot of skills, ripping it up

Neng Mayang - Gitaris Muda Berbakat

Neng Mayang - Gitaris Cewek Termuda

Neng Mayang coba synyster sustaniac

Anouck André: 30 Days Guitar Challenge #14 : Mike Stern chromatic line

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Anouck André: 30 Days Guitar Challenge #14 : Mike Stern chromatic line