Saturday, 22 November 2014

Divaldi Addina: my 2nd improvise over backing track

this is my 2nd improvise over the backin Track,
i called it..(The Whisper)
and I'm using the Red queen ( Carparelli Infiniti S1 Guitar)

so ..i hope y'all like it and
please, Like, Subs and Post the comment.

enjoy the video.. and Have a great Shredding Day :-)

my 2nd improvise over backing track -13years old Divaldi Addina (HD)

Vanessa Izabella: BAST - Live Music Sampler 2014

Courtesy of Flash Photos
BAST - A female fronted power rock trio from Atlanta, GA., features Vanessa Izabella (award winning guitarist and lead vocalist) Hugh Ellis (bass, keyboards and backup vocals) and Tony Panzarella (percussion). Forging a unique brand of punchy and direct music, BAST couples melodic songwriting and captivating guitar work into a tight rhythm section.

Currently the band is wrapping up their EP in preparation for regional and local dates starting in Spring of 2015. Learn More About BAST via contact points listed below and @

Booking | MGMT
Phone:+1(603) 379 6602 | Fax:+1(603) 388 1108

Dale Lowery | FLASH Photos | Video
Tony Mirando | Independent | Video

BAST MUSIC | Live Music Sampler | 2014 Smiths Olde Bar | Atlanta, Georgia

Best Female Guitarist - Vanessa Izabella - Gibson SG Gal Winner

VI: I was seven when I first started playing guitar, and at that age, I didn't know much about different instruments. To me, only drums and guitar existed. My mom had a friend whose daughter was taking music lessons, so one day my mom asked me and my sister if we wanted to take lessons. I said yes, and told her I wanted to play the drums, which was quickly followed by a big fat "NO!" - the noise would have driven my father nuts! So, then I asked about guitar and she signed me up for lessons. When I started playing, I started with a classical guitar and I really liked the sound of it and I could take it everywhere with me.
Read the full guitar girl interview

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories - new release avaliable online

Alexandra Zerner: Nine Stories

Alexandra Zerner
My debut solo album "9 Stories" is available on the online music stores, so the choice is yours!

1 A Perfect Day for Bananafish 7:53
2 Léon 5:22
3 Lolita 4:43
4 Memoirs of a Geisha 6:36
5 Light Breathing 2:53
6 For Esmé - With Love and Squalor 5:41
7 Girl with a Pearl Earring 6:03
8 The Seducer's Diary 5:50

9 The Sorrows of Young Werther 2:10

Also, here are the official online stores links, if you want to put my album on your sites:

Alexandra Zerner - For Esmé - With Love And Squalor (intro) - teaser

Alexandra Zerner - A Perfect Day For Bananafish - Teaser

Alexandra Zerner - Girl With A Pearl Earring

Miki Kato: fender USA, Audio-Technica booth - Japan Musica Fair 2014

Musical Fair 2014
new song by Fender USA's booth "Brainstorming & Qu OT;. was playing
. equipment is you borrowed the 68 Prinston Reverb and Sobbat DB-2 only, guitar playing the Stratocaster Fender USA 60 anniversary backing track it sounded by connecting to the small amp has.

Miki Kato - I gave a demonstration at the fender USA's booth!

I gave a demonstration at Miki Kato Audio-Technica's booth!

Miki Kato - I gave a demonstration at the Audio-Technica's booth! Two

Tatyana Ryzhkova: Libertango by Tatyana's Guitar Q

CDs and scores with Tatyana's signature are now available on:
Performed by Tatyana Ryzhkova:
Guitar is made by Michel Brück.

Tatyana Ryzhkova presents: Libertango by Tatyana's Guitar Q