Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Radka Kasparcova: High School Blues

Hi, my name is Radka and I am a 16 year old blues guitarist from Collegeville, PA. I recently released an original blues single titled “High School Blues”. This song is about the reactions to my school when they cancelled several music programs there. I feel an extremely deep connection to this piece because schools across the nation are cutting down music programs, and it is affecting the students more than they think

Radka Kasparcova - High School Blues

Kumi Adachi: lose control - ultimate blues rock guitar

from instructional DVD "ultimate blues rock guitar" / Adachi Kumi bitter too phrase × thick tone! a good worlds rock and blues were describes the play has a blues and rock both in roots, guitarist and wins the name as talented Adachi Kumi is, thoroughly explains Bruce Locke. Without resorting to effector, thick, and how to play in comfortably distorted sound, such as a method of assembling the solo that does not rely on the pentatonic, the secret to fill playing the blues-rock packed. Guitar and original sound, and nothing but the guitar was taking advantage of such as choking, some melancholy is astringent and will be able to enjoy the phrase.

■ Demonstration "Danjiri Funk" feat. Shimizu Xing, Hoshiyama Tetsuya secret issue 
■ thick sound  to try to change the position of applying to the chord of ◎ pick  to control the amount of distortion in 
◎ guitar volume pod one the
■ guitar solo in order not to the pattern  utilized by arranging 
● hand habit expressed in various sounds by mixing 
◎ hand Gusefurezu to chalking and slide to inflate the structure by, for example, repeat changing the entrance ◎ phrases are played always 
◎ Try playing the phrase in a different position get rid of the boundaries of penta of form in the fingerboar◎ is about to enter the foot next to the penta   
◎ practice playing the solo using only one string  
● to understand the configuration of the chord Approach to   
◎ If you learn the configuration sound of code without having to remember the scale OK   
◎ 3 by applying the chord progression to configure sound to assemble a solo 
■ Demonstration "Catch Ball" feat. Shimizu Xing, Hoshiyama Tetsuya and tricks to issue a 
■ good sound is aware of the angle to put a pick 
● to be aware of the touch of the left hand 
● be aware of the position of the 
● pickingear leveraging how copy phrase 
■ be aware of the back of the code 
● to approach by changing the 
● code  to arrange 
● phrase 
■ Stage Performance 
■ Demonstration "lose control" feat Shimizu Xing, Tetsuya Hoshiyama. Kumi Adachi (g) | Kumi Adachi / profile double-headed units of the original T-SQUARE drummer Noritake, Hiroyuki than 2005 to start the "Adachi Kumi club PANGAEA" it is not, it released the 1st album "Little Wing" in 2007. So far, three of the release the album. Kadomatsu in 2013 Toshiki, of also active in and support for Sadao Watanabe 1st album "J & K" that guitar unit by "J & K" with Kajiwara order to launch. The two pieces of "TIME", "TIDE" as 2nd album in May 2014 simultaneous release . Michael Jackson "THIS IS IT" co-star of the appearance of guitarist Orianthi and Egypt "Cairo Jazz Festival", in the "Paris Japan Cultural Institute," said Paris's oldest jazz club "New Morning" also international activities such as performance during deployment. https: //www.ragnet.co.jp/artist/adach ...

Kumi Adachi "lose control" feat. Shimizu Xing, Tetsuya Hoshiyama

Instructional DVD "ultimate blues rock guitar" / Adachi Kumi Digest

Esprila Limariane: Temptation cover Adson Sodré

Temptation Music sentence of guitarist Adson Sodré



Tentação (Adson Sodré) por Esprila