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Megan Lovell, Rebecca Lovell: US and UK tour dates for the talented duo

Jan 17 116 E Mobile Florence, AL Tickets & More...
Jan 20 Cactus Cafe Austin, TX Tickets & More...
Jan 21 Dosey Doe Music Cafe Conroe, TX Tickets & More...
Jan 22 The Beatnik New Orleans, LA Tickets & More...
Jan 24 WorkPlay Theatre Birmingham, AL Tickets & More...
Feb 21 Dunn Dunn Fest 2015 Chicago, IL Tickets & More...
Feb 22 The Redstone Room Davenport, IA Tickets & More...
Apr 10 The Bullingdon Oxford, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 11 John Peel Centre for Creative Arts Stowmarket, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 12 Caedmon Hall Gateshead Gateshead, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 13 The Greystones Sheffield, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 14 The Tunnels Bristol, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 15 Hare and Hounds King's Heath, United Kingdom Tickets & More...
Apr 19 SAVOY-TEATTERI Helsinki, Finland Tickets & More...

Eliana Cargnelutti: Band - Distant Scents - Blues in villa Live 2014

Eliana Cargnelutti, la nuova speranza del rock blues made in Italy. Cantante grintosa e chitarrista di ottima scuola, è una delle poche ragazze che si possono ascoltare nei festival italiani.


Traccia numero 9 del cd "Love Affairs" - 2013

Line up della serata:
Eliana Cargnelutti - voce, chitarra
Simone Serafini - basso
Loris De Checchi - hammond
Alessandro Mansutti - batteria

Contatti :

Eliana Cargnelutti Band - Distant Scents - Blues in villa Live 2014

Emily Hastings: Warleyson Almeida and Emily Hastings playing Layla

One of the best songs of all time played with two of the greatest guitars of all time... It's a duel between Fender and Gibson.

Warleyson Almeida and Emily Hastings playing Layla (by Derek and the Dominos)... \o/

One of the Best Songs of All Time Gibson and Fender duel

Melody Angel: There's No Way

I wrote a song tonight I thought I'd share. Melody Angel - There's No Way

Melody Angel - There's No Way

Christine Lanusse: A little bit of little wing

Just a bass moment I wanted to share :-)

A little bit of little wing

The Commander-In-Chief: DEE by Randy Rhoads

The Commander-In-Chief paying tribute to her favorite guitar player, Randy Rhoads, performing his lovely tune, Dee, that he wrote to his mother.
After releasing an album with violin songs played on her 7string electric guitar, The Chief wanted to play something on her new acoustic 7string Ibanez. This is the first song she has ever played on an acoustic guitar.
She wants to dedicate this song to her own mother, who is also her manager.
The album "2 Guitars - The Classical Crossover Album" is available on and on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.

DEE by Randy Rhoads played by The Commander-In-Chief

Julieta Guitarrista: return of the street girl guitarist

Julieta Guitarrista: return of the street girl guitarist

Julieta Guitarrista

Tomoko Tanaka: announces new CD - Dancing with A Gypsy Queen

TOMOKO New アルバム
『Dancing with A Gypsy Queen』
Produced by 竹田和夫(CREATION)

1. Mucho Caliente
2. Dancing with A Gypcy Queen
3. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
4. Hokkaido Skies
5. Perfidia
6. Fly Seagull Fly
7. Hananotoki Ainotoki
8. Ginza Lights
9. The End Of The World

Jelena Kiric: Discarnate Motions @ The Cobalt Cafe 12-28-14 Jack Lue Series

Band Members
Arron: Vocals
Jelena: Guitar
Josh: Bass
Fernando: Guitar
Live drums: Edgar

Short Description
Discarnate Motions is a metal band emerging from Southern California, mixing intricate rhythms and extreme yet melodic elements.

Founded by guitarist Jelena in 2011, DISCARNATE MOTIONS originally began as a one-woman project, writing and recording songs on her home computer. Shortly after, the music gained interest from local musicians and became a 3 piece side-project under the name Sign of Sirin, after the 'bird of sorrow' from Slavic mythology. When it began drawing more attention and became a serious project, Jelena decided to find band mates who were available and interested in contributing creatively to the band as well as devoting time for practice.

Within a few months, Arron joined the band as a bassist - at first. It took about a year of trying to find the right vocalist before Arron decided to give it a try, when it became clear that he was the perfect frontman. In 2012 Arron put down the bass and began writing lyrics and vocal lines and melodies, forming what he and Jelena decided would become a concept album. They then joined with drummer Alberto and 6-string bassist Josh who would add their own touch and flavor into the music, completing the line-up and re-arranging and writing more material for a full album.

In summer of 2013 the band began playing shows, starting with small backyard/frontyard gigs and progressing to more famous venues like the Roxy and Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip opening for touring metal bands from around the world, such as Amaranthe and VADER. By the end of the year, the band had released a 3-song demo, built up a little bit of a following and had begun stirring up reviews from metal fanzine websites, including Metal Assault, and decided to change the band name to DISCARNATE MOTIONS to better fit the haunting theme of the music, lyrics and overall melding of musicianship from each band member.

As they transitioned into the new year, 2014 brought many opening slots for metal shows in the LA area and had even more positive reviews from Metal Assault, Metal WarZone, and Spirit of Metal online fanzines and promoters. They continued playing with national and international touring acts such as Aenimus, Apparitions, Mouth of the Serpent, Carnifex and The Absence, and banded together with other local acts to help build a more solid and supportive metal brother/sisterhood like Sirion, Harlequin, Syrebris, and many others.

DISCARNATE MOTIONS will be recording their debut album later this year, stay tuned!

Jack Lue Series. Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Full Series

Roxane Labonté: Smirking Revenge - Mind Uploading

Pub Hériot, 29 novembre 2014

Merci à MontrealMetalShows pour ce vidéo!

Smirking Revenge - Mind Uploading (Live in Drummondville)

Smirking Revenge - Tenebrae (Live in Drummondville)