Friday, 16 January 2015

Alicyn Yaffee: When We Are Older - NPR Tiny Desk Concert Submission

Alicyn Yaffee - When We Are Older (NPR Tiny Desk Concert Submission)
Alicyn Yaffee
Hello! This is a video of me playing an original song called "When We Are Older" for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest!
Much Love and good luck everyone!

I got myself in this situation
Where I feel so sad
I wish I knew what true love really was
So I mess up all the time
I wonder why I'm always wrong
Can you help me be right like you?
Help me
Maybe we can be in love
when we are older
So I am the bad guy
and you are all good
You're the wise one
So tell me
how can I be right like you?
Help me
Maybe we can be in love
When we are older
So I wish
you the best of luck my friend
I am sorry
for causing this pain
I'm sorry for the pain

Gretchen Menn: an interview with

Photo by: Mark Manion

WiMN: As an airline pilot and rock guitarist, you pursued two careers in which women are not usually prevalent. Tell us what type of mentality helped you succeed in both fields.
GM: Ha! Honestly, I haven’t felt it to be that much of an issue. I don’t find men to be more difficult than women or women to be more difficult than men. For every bigoted man there is a catty woman. But most people aren’t jerks, and most respond well to people who are friendly, hardworking, interested in learning, and desirous of improving… even if a person doesn’t fit the typical profile of what they envisioned a pilot or guitarist would be.

Having said that, I imagine it would be easier to be a guy slacker in a male-dominated field than a female slacker. Maybe I am blessedly clueless as to obstacles I may have faced–the biggest ones I have felt have been my own frustrations with myself. Maybe I have been fortunate to be surrounded by awesome people. Maybe the fact that I have always had close male friends and a good relationship with my dad makes me feel comfortable being around guys.