Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lari Basílio: Splendour of the Seas - with GoPro style footage

Some moments of the shows I did with Rodrigo Teaser and the Tribute to the King of Pop on the ship Splendour the the Seas. ;)

Tributo ao Rei do Pop - Splendour of the Seas

Ely Garbo: Deep Purple - Solo Burn

Photo. Mario Giovannini

Studying Ritchie Blackmore ;-)

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Deep Purple - Solo Burn

Simona Soddu: Morning Lord - Grim Drowsiness

This is the first track of a demo I recorded with my past band Grim Drowsiness in 2008.

Vocals & Rhythm guitar: Fabrizio Pinna
Lead guitar: Simona Soddu
Keyboards: Mariano Girau
Bass: Guido Montaldo (although the bass was here recorded by A. Demontis)
Drums: Alberto Orrù

01 - Morning Lord - Grim Drowsiness (Demo 2008)

Dana Marie Ulbrich: Manowar - Heart Of Steel - Dana Marie Ulbrich - Cover - Live in HD

Westerngitarre Takamine und Gesang Dana Marie Ulbrich live in HD

Manowar - Heart Of Steel - Dana Marie Ulbrich

Anastasia Giam: Hotel California - Eagles Solo Cover

Hello guys, new cover! Thank you for the support!! Hope you like it!
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Hotel California - Eagles Solo Cover by Anastasia

Anna sentina: Roland Boss Booth RHCP NAMM 2015

RHCP Playing at the Roland booth namm2015

Anna sentina playing at namm 2015

Sarah Gallenberger: Fender Custom Shop Graphic Artist interviewed by Greg Koch

NAMM 2015 brought with it a bunch of fun surprises this year! On opening night we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Fender Custom Shop opening gala where we ran into graphic artist and painter Sarah Gallenberger. Her comissioned artwork dotted the entire Fender landscape, and it was beautiful! Check her out!

Sarah Gallenberger:
NAMM 2015 • Fender Custom Shop Graphic Artist Sarah Gallenberger Interview

Irma Mirtilla: Black Mamber play So What - Pink

Black Mamba live @ Talamone International Camping.
Video by Giacomo Castellano
Audio recording, mix, editing and production by Giacomo Castellano
Music by PINK

Special thanks to:
Lorenzo Desiati
Rock Drone (
Edoardo Franchi
Paola Calanni
Federico Maragoni
Lorenzo Tordini
Giacomo Paolieri
Marina Perrone
Otttavio Campanari
Silvio Bucci
Paolo Bucci
Marisa Tamantini
Carlo Sensi
The staff @ Talamone International Camping for letting us have some fun making this video

This video is powered by:

Masotti Guitar Devices
Stefyline bags
Mendoza pedals

Black Mamba are:
Simona Bucci (vocals)
Irma Mirtilla (guitar)
Cecilia Nappo (bass)
Annalia Duranti (drums)

SO WHAT (Pink cover) live @ Talamone 2014