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Simone Dow: with Scott Kay - Voyager - You the Shallow - Guitar Playthrough

Scott and Simone jam out a track from V - You the Shallow

Scott plays an Ibanez 7421 with Bareknuckle Pickups
Simone plays a Music Man JPX with DiMarzio Pickups

Voyager - You the Shallow - Guitar Playthrough [HD]


Australia’s foremost progressive metal act, Voyager Australia are busting out of their home city of Perth for a national tour this May and June to launch their new video of 'Seasons Of Age' taken from their critically acclaimed album, 2014’s V.

V landed in the Top Ten of practically every media outlet's Years End list for 2014. A powerful and melodic feast for the senses, it is a bold and dramatic statement that has been described as ‘pure prog goodness at a world-class level.’ by former Triple M Distortion host Higgo.

Joining Voyager throughout the tour, is brooding French alt-heavyweights, KLONE who’s latest album, Here Comes The Sun, will be released in Australia in April via Bird’s Robe Records.

Klone are another French success story having toured with Gojira and Orphaned Land several times, are regulars on Hellfest, France’s biggest metal festival and will be playing Euroblast festival in later in the year.

Watch Klone’s videos for
Give Up The Rest
Rocket Smoke

Come and experience the power, the majesty, the might and the virtuosity that is Voyager live!


Thursday, May 21: Adelaide - Jive
Friday, May 22: Canberra - The Basement
Saturday, May 23: Sydney - The Factory Floor
Friday, May 29: Melbourne - The Evelyn
Saturday, May 30: Brisbane - The Brightside
Friday, June 5: Perth - Amplifier
Saturday, June 6: Bunbury - Prince Of Wales

Local opening acts in each city will be announced at a later stage.

Tickets onsale Monday, March 16 at 10.00am AEDT
via, Oztix & the Venues.

Official Event Page



Steph Goyer: free Bb Minor Funky Rock Backing Track

Derek Sampson Photography

Funky rock backing track in Bb Minor for practising improvisation

Bb Minor Funky Rock Backing Track

Alexandra Zerner: JTC Solo Contest 2015

My entry for the JamTrack Central guitar solo contest. If you like my work, please vote for me:

JTC Solo Contest 2015 - Alexandra Zerner

WeeklyckZ #2 (by Alexandra Zerner)

Mina Taicho: Fenixx - 3.11 Memorial

~ 3.11 ~ memorial
in 2011 and is the original version that was presented at Mina project "Arch Roses". Lyrics is a theme is the Great East Japan Earthquake, but con also memorial to TAIJI's original X who died in the same year, Blue Roses (Mr. TAIJI I am incorporating the tattoo that has been put). It was two names also phoenix's TAIJI. Pray for JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 2011. and TAIJI (Ex.X JAPAN) passed 2011. RIP Http://Animetagirl.Com/ "Fenixx" Shi song Mina captain frightened flock of people freezing wait for morning mouth to talk about yesterday's tragedy without any Sad shine star frog in the sky is baked to go to the flame (flame) that sear also dark night and continued walking without knowing just nothing Aoki roses and thorns that bloomed in your hands slept permanently (eternity) is not told the truth "to get used to one if accustomed to all high" hiding in the shadows, such as silly wishes answer in the lie-style spoken now bird dancing the void was looking at what? crying want not'm not you want but there is no where death and is screaming mind played to excuse just nothing know not to walk continued every day is think far there was warmth filled consuming white pure Hana good the earth fear of fouling (injury) the world were wrapped in calm to look at before is not drowning in Tsumetaki reality suffering now only do so believe in gleaned dream of the rubble of pray so that it does not erase the day-to-day that you live your Crimson rose of flame blooming in breast mighty wings The Habatake to next empty revives to tomorrow etc. accustomed to again and again ash to deliver the thought of people to star

Fenixx (Original) I tried to play my own songs

Gretchen Menn,Angeline Saris: Zepparella @ The Roxy 02-28-15 Jack Lue Series

Gretchen Menn,Angeline Saris: Zepparella @ The Roxy 02-28-15 Jack Lue Series

How to honor the legacy of a band deemed sacred? To tread on holy ground is perilous, and must be done with the intent and spirit of a disciple—Pay attention to the intricacies of the magic, explore the far ends of the innovation, strive for ever-growing ability, and let the purity of the love for the music drive it all.

Drummer Clementine is the founding member of ZEPPARELLA. From the beginning of her musical career, her goal has been to be onstage every night. The pursuit of that goal has led Clementine to constantly tour the US and Europe in projects as diverse as Bottom, AC/DShe, The House Of More, The Solid, Francis Bakin, and Stars Turn Me On. She tackles the best rock drumming ever written with her own emotionally powerful style, bringing the Motown influence of the Bonham groove to the forefront. The profound musical connection established with Gretchen Menn (guitar), Angeline Saris (bass), and Noelle Doughty (vocals) creates the bond required to do this great music justice.

It was under the tutelage of classical guitarist Phillip DeFremery, a student of AndrĂ©s Segovia, that guitarist Gretchen Menn began her path on the instrument. Playing with tireless passion and constantly seeking out new challenges, her projects are often unconventional, genre-bending expressions combining elements of classical, rock, progressive, jazz, and metal. On influences, Gretchen has never tired of her initial inspirations—Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, and Jeff Beck. But she has loved Jimmy Page’s guitar playing longer than she has played the guitar. It was through the music of Led Zeppelin that she found a gateway into music that resonated deeply with her, creating a love for guitar-oriented music, and, ultimately, the guitar.

Bassist Angeline Saris has musical passions that span jazz to speed metal, R&B to rock, Cuban to hip-hop, and flamenco to rockabilly. Angeline has done it all - and does it extremely well. It is this versatility, her rock-solid time, tastefully crafted bass lines, and unequivocal skills that give her the ability to bring cohesion to the eclectic Zeppelin catalog. Angeline credits John Paul Jones as a main influence, so it is no surprise that she shines as she interprets his thunder.

Finally, singer Noelle Doughty has found her way back to where she started, with a passion for Led Zeppelin’s music that was developed from as far back as she can remember, as the little sister in the room with the rocking older brothers. The kid who knew every word to every song has worked in classic rock cover bands, jazz bands, funk bands, and yet never lost her true love for Zeppelin. After moving to the West Coast from New York State, her fortuitous meeting with Gretchen Menn backstage at a Robert Plant concert brought the final puzzle piece to the Zepparella family. Noelle’s clear and powerful style and deep understanding of the emotional content of these great songs make the picture complete.

Now more than ever, Zepparella explores their own improvised magic within the framework of Zeppelin’s mighty songs!

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Some video from recent shows



Adrian Conner: Hell's Belles @ The Roxy 02-28-15 Jack Lue Series

Adrian Conner - Angus Young
Laura Derig - Phil Rudd
Mandy Reed - Cliff Williams
Australia's Amber Saxon - Bon Scott & Brian Johnson
Lisa Brisbois- Malcolm Young - part time
Sharon Needles - Malcolm Young -part time

Adrian Conner: Hell's Belles @ The Roxy 02-28-15 Jack Lue Series

HELL’S BELLES are first and foremost dedicated AC/DC fanatics. This is what we all have in common. We’re all part of a huge community of devotees to one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands in the world. This is who we all are, and this is what HELL’S BELLES strives to deliver with mechanical precision and passionate fury. Endorsed by Angus Young himself (Blender Magazine, 2003), HELL’S BELLES are the closest one can get without actually moving to Australia and joining AC/DC’s road crew.

HELL’S BELLES formed in 2000, the brainchild of former members Amy Stolzenbach (guitar) and Om Johari (vocals). HELL’S BELLES’ current line-up features original member Mandy Reed, rock solid and born ready as Cliff Williams (bass guitar), Adrian Conner, dreadlock slinger and wicked player as Angus Young (lead guitar), Lisa Brisbois, sly and subtly intense as Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar), Laura D, heavy hitter as Phil Rudd (drums), and joining our ranks in 2011 – all the way from Australia, Amber Saxon, the kind of bombastic hard rock power that makes no apologies and is dangerous around the edges, as Bon Scott & Brian Johnson (Vocals).

HELL’S BELLES are indeed ALL female, all the way to their rock-n-roll cores, all the time and without exception. Representing for a whole new generation of women that won’t be intimidated, HELL’S BELLES actively encourage our legions of lady fans to stand up and be counted, and collaborate with women musicians and causes as a part of the mission towards rock and roll inclusion. Not some down-your-throat feminism, but a proactive support and action spirit towards the continued march towards balancing of the gender scales.

The thousands of shows HELL’S BELLES have played around the world, including Japan, Canada, and the good ol’ USA (including Alaska), have become legendary nights of epic proportions. Consistently Sexy and sold-out shows – there’s not a HELL’S BELLES audience that hasn’t been blown away by the raw power, attention to AC/DC details, and undeniable appeal that these bad ass belles deliver with undying devotion. From “Live Wire” to “The Jack” to “TNT”, not to mention AC/DC’s landmark hits “Highway to Hell”, “Thunderstruck”, and “Back in Black”. The marathon set lists change to include a fresh variety of classics, but the perfection and passion of the show never does.

It’s an all out rock-n-roll assault that leaves you both satisfied and begging for more. And, more you’ll get as HELL’S BELLES keep conquering new cities, new states, and new countries. They’ll be in your back yard bringing AC/DC in sound and spirit to you direct any day now. 2005’s studio recordings, “We Salute You”, are slated to be refreshed with a whole new set of songs and available to our public this year, so you can always count on taking a little piece of HELL’S BELLES home with ya.

HELL’S BELLES 2013 – committed, ferocious, meticulous women rock musicians delivering authentic AC/DC to the unbelievably supportive and wicked awesome fans. All day and all night long, all over the world, pitch perfect AC/DC delivered with a highly charged vigor by Amber, Mandy, Laura, Lisa, and Adrian “Angus”.
Let there be rock

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Some videos from the same tour

Hell's Belles - T.N.T. - Slims - 2015-02-20

Hell's Belles - Have a Drink On Me - Slims - 2015-02-20

Hell's Belles - Back in Black - Slims - 2015-02-20