Thursday, 12 March 2015

Adrianne Simioni: live rehearsal and interview with Carlo D'Anna

Before playing in the University of Washington planetarium, practising the song Spacetronic Eye's March the 6th. 2015.

Astronomusic rehearsal Seattle, Washington

From Seattle, Carlo D'Anna interviews Astronomusic for ClickersClub.

From Seattle, Carlo D'Anna interviews Astronomusic for ClickersClub. Part 1 of 3

From Seattle,  interviews Astronomusic for ClickersClub. Part 2 of 3

Ice: Fugue in metal minor to welcome the Peavey amp home

Backing track from youtube search engine. I don't own it.
I finally got my peavey back and I wanted to upload on how I am doing with my improvisation. I hope you enjoy this current video.

More videos are on the way!
New video next week!

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My Peavey amp is home! (jam session)

Cheza Taylor: with Derek Taylor announce debut instrumental guitar album

Derek Taylor
Come see Derek and Cheza Taylor perform songs from their debut instrumental guitar album FRIDAY MARCH 20th @ 7:30PM and SATURDAY MARCH 21st at 3:00PM at ASELIA CON located at the Hilton Garden Inn DFW Airport South. Admission for the performance is $5. A very limited supply of CDs will be available at the show, so don’t miss your chance to get one! Message me with questions.

Derek Taylor:
Professional Audio Engineer.
Career Musician / Virtuoso Guitarist.
1st Generation Tales Fanatic.
Favorite Game / Character in battle: Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut / Stahn
Cheza Taylor:
Second Grader.
Aspiring Guitarist.
2nd Generation Tales Progeny.
Favorite Game / Character in battle: Tales of Symphonia / Zelos
Protos Heis melts your face with hard rock guitar driven instrumental arrangements of music from the Tales of video game franchise. Live performances are on the bill for Friday and Saturday with Q&A following. Plans are in the works to record a CD to be available in Artist Alley. Come celebrate the Music of Tales with us!