Friday, 19 June 2015

Minako Nakamura: Fate Gear - A Light In The Black new album arriving

Minako Nakamura

白盤できたー!我ながらロゴがカッコいい\(^o^)/ My band's album! #cd #metal #heavymetal
White Board and Hooray! My logo is cool / good (^ o ^) / My band's album! # ‪#‎metal‬‪#‎heavymetal‬

1.Machinary Angel
2.Fate Gear
4. Dawn
5.Romancer (Original)
6.Deathless Memories
7.Nocturnal Moon
8.Winds of Fall (Original)
9. Prayer Awayuki

Urszula Stosio: Skydiving and Total Eclipse - great performance from a highly talented player!

Urszula Stosio belongs to a rare species among electric guitarists - though she plays in different bands, she also composes and performs songs for solo guitar, which is a very demanding field of art. She mixes complex compositions with improvisation while also making good conscious use of various guitar effects. And all this complexity doesn't stand in the way of powerful emotion, which filled the welcoming space of "Nie Lubię Poniedziałków" Tea Club on one warm Tuesday afternoon...

Urszula Stosio należy do rzadkiej odmiany gitarzystów elektrycznych - Poza udzielaniem się w różnych składach, także komponuje i wykonuje utwory na gitarę solo, a jest to sztuka bardzo wymagająca. Złożone kompozycje mieszają się z improwizacją, i świadomym wykorzystaniem różnego rodzaju efektów. Jednak cała ta złożoność nie wchodzi w drogę ogromnym emocjom, które wypełniły gościnną przestrzeń Klubu Herbacianego "Nie Lubię Poniedziałków" pewnego wtorkowego popołudnia...

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Urszula Stosio - electric guitar

Video/editing: Borys Dubiański
Sound/additional camera: Tomek Kruk

Urszula Stosio - Skydiving [Backyard Music #25]

Urszula Stosio - Total Eclipse [Backyard Music #26]

News: Best Japanese Female Guitarists: Tokyo Shredding -

The Asian music scene is not so popular among the non-initiated. Even though the musical genres of the Far East are pretty much the same (they are people too, you know), we stumble on trivial things like unintelligibility and cultural gap. So I am going to use a music mix I am sure will work: Female Guitarists. Japanese Shredders like Miki Igarashi, Yoshi, and Rie.
~ Thanasis Karavasilis

“My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am…” -Joan Jett

The guitar.

What a wonderful instrument.

A six stringed (usually) pool of endless melodies, catchy riffs, and mesmerizing solos. The only player in a band that becomes the frontman for at least 30 seconds of each song. The hero of every beach party in the history of real beach parties.

The ultimate wingman.

The heart and soul of the rock genre.

And still, a man’s world. Yes, yes, I know what you are going to say.

But, Thanasis! There are so many great female guitarists out there!

Of course. But still, the female presence in the global rock scene is usually limited to one role: that of the vocalist. Yes, they play the guitar as well, but it is not the same as being the guitarist of a group.

And since one of the most promising rock scenes on the planet is the one coming from the country of the Rising Sun, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of my favorite Japanese women guitarists and their bands.

What do you say? Ready for some serious shredding?

ALDIOUS [Track 05] 夜桜 (District Zero Tour Live at Shibuya O EAST)

Jen Majura: plays... Erotic Nightmares - great job!

Jen Majura: plays... the Steve Via classic - Erotic

Jen Majura plays... Erotic Nightmares (Steve Vai)

Junko Sugawara: TRIO playing "Breakfast" Studio 2015

JUNKO SUGAWARA TRIO starting !! Junko guitarist Sugawara of playing in live support and recording of a number of artists is, finally starting the "JUNKO SUGAWARA TRIO"! JUNKO SUGAWARA TRIO Junko Sugawara [Gt] shrimp NumaTakafumi [Ba] Yuichi Nagara [Dr] This video, now it is recorded in the instructional DVD "Ultimate Rhythm and Groove Guitar" vinegar. the Shop for at amazon here → Http://Amzn.To/1Sqnust ● sale / Sold Corporation Atos International TEL: 03-5474-2570 (weekdays 10:00 to 18:00) Sugawara Junko Official web site Sugawara Junko: profile activities start from 98 around as a guitarist. Beside of his musical activities, Utada Hikaru, such as Dreams Come True, live support of various artists, active in the recording, and the like.

JUNKO SUGAWARA TRIO "Breakfast" Studio Live