Saturday, 4 July 2015

Samantha Fish: acoustic blues - Jim Lee Blues

Live @ Iron Road Evesham 30/6/15

Samantha Fish " Jim Lee Blues "

Nita Strauss: Nita Strauss Guitar Solo Hellfest - New White Dr Martins?

19.06.2015. live at Hellfest

Alice Cooper - Nita Strauss Guitar Solo (live at Hellfest 19/06/2015)

Miko,Omi: Exist†Trace - Little Mary

Miko,Omi: Exist†Trace - Little Mary

Exist†Trace Little Mary to utsukushiki nikushimi no Danube рус саб

Courtney Cox: Rainbow In The Dark - Lucky Strike 2015

Courtney Cox: Rainbow In The Dark - Lucky Strike 2015


Carolyn Wonderland: SXSW Saxon Pub Austin Texas 2105

SXSW Carolyn Wonderland Come Together Saxon Pub Austin TX 3-17-15

SXSW Carolyn Wonderland Come Together

SXSW Carolyn Wonderland Victory of Flying

Megan Lovell, Rebecca Lovell: Larkin Poe - Tom Petty Cover - "American Girl"

DOWNLOAD KIN: iTunes: Http://Bit.Ly/KINitunes Amazon Music: Http://Bit.Ly/KINamazon . RH MUSIC: Http://Www.Rhmusic.Com SUBSCRIBE: Bit.Ly/LPsubscribe LIKE on Facebook: Https://Www.Facebook.Com/larkinpoe FOLLOW on Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/larkinpoe FOLLOW on Instagram: http://Instagram.Com/larkinpoemusic

Larkin Poe | Tom Petty Cover ("American Girl")

Ririka: I tried playing the full drive - KANA-BOON

Backing track I made it by implanting yourself Good luck!

RIRIKA - I tried playing the full drive (KANA-BOON).

Eva Vergilova: "Ain`t no sunshine.." Cheapcaster!

This is a cover of Lighthouse Family - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Eva Vergilova - "Ain`t no sunshine.." cover

Blare N Bitch: Black Sabbitch THE All Female Black Sabbath perform Hand of Doom

Audience footage of Black Sabbitch THE All Female Black Sabbath performing Hand of Doom.

Black Sabbitch THE All Female Black Sabbath perform Hand of Doom

Flor Dollz, Dulce Hale: Baby Dollz - Voodoo (EP)

1. Midnight Dreams (Intro) 01:10
2. The Awakening 2:14
3. Voodoo 04:17
4. Uncontrolled 3:04
5. Through Our Darkness 04:17
6. The Ruins 03:48
7. Last Dawn (Outro) 00:55

about Http://Babydollz.Bandcamp.Com/releases

... Our Music, Our Hearts, Our souls, Our Everything in this album First EP of the Female metal band called Baby Dollz You'll find Our Songs, digital booklets & amp; photos Songs: 1-Midnight Dreams (Intro) 2-the Awakening 3 Voodoo 4 Uncontrolled 5 Through Our Darkness 6 The Ruins 7 Last Dawn (Outro) Www.Facebook.Com/BabyDollzBand Twitter.Com/BabyDollz_ Credits Released 09 January 2015 Concept Idea :

Baby Dollz Illustration: Dulce Hale editing and
Retouching: Dulce Hale & amp; Flor Dollz.
Producer & amp; Engineer: Amner Hunter Www.Facebook.Com/AmnerHunterSoloproject Www.Youtube.Com/AmnerHunter

Photo by: Harvi Johnson Www.Facebook.Com/HarvisPick
Edited by: Baby Dollz Video / Music by Baby Dollz All the Rights reserved Copyright © Baby Dollz 2014

Yui: Cyntia Rock In girl - instrumental - live

?.!. Been waiting Something for Something Instrumental Let the gals Rock us Again once Again with Rock'n Girl Short Bio:. Cyntia IS an all-Female Japanese Rock / Metal band Their Music Style Varies from Melodic Power Metal, Hard Rock. . to Pop.Rock and Others to Date The members Are shown See See Below Cyntia SAKI - Vocals YUI - Guitars, Chorus Kanoko - Drums, Percussion, Chorus AYANO - Keyboards, Piano, Chorus AZU - Bass, Chorus Please Support: Cyntia @ http: //Cyntia.Jp/ Music: http: //Www.Amazon.Co.Jp/Cyntia/e/B007 ... / http: //Www.Hmv.Co.Jp/artist_Cyntia_00 ... Cyntia] - Rock in Girl [Live] ~ Instrumental

【Cyntia】- Rock in Girl [Live] ~ Instrumental

Momoko: "that daughter to be worried about!"

I Have A Guitar in Osaka IS "Momoko" and (1 • • 1.) IS 20 years Old Twitter:! Https://Twitter.Com/Blueffect1 blog there IS Also A (* '▽ `*) Http: // Ameblo.Jp/momoko-ada/ ※ Upon new girl band Formed in Osaka vocal, I am looking for A Base! Now we Have Two Guitar (21-year-Old and 20-year-Old) drum (18 years)! The woman of high school students to 21-year-old Please contact us by e-mail and Twitter If you have any interest E-mail:!!

Theory of relativity I tried playing guitar "that daughter to be worried about!" Japanese girl guitar