Monday, 27 July 2015

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens Europe tour schedule 2016

Iron Maidens, the world’s only female tribute to the legendary Iron Maiden, have updated their tour schedule with dates in Europe for spring 2016. It is currently as follows:

14 - Shepard's Bush Empire - London, England
15 - Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Netherlands
16 - De Pul - Uden, Netherlands
17 - Live Music Hall KOLN - Koln, Germany
19 - Spectrum Club - Augsburg, Germany
21 - Music theater REX - Bensheim, Germany
22 - Konzerthaus Schuur - Luzern, Switzerland
23 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
24 - Rock Fabrik - Ludwigsburg, Germany
27 - Markthall - Hamburg, Germany
28 - C-Club - Berlin, Germany
29 -Tante JU - Dresden, Germany
30 - Kulturhaus - Neuruppin, Germany

3 - M.A.U. Club - Rostock, Gerrmany
4 - Factory Magdeburg - Magdeburg, Germany
5 - Eventhgalle Westpark - Ingolstadt, Germany
6 - F-Haus Jena - Jena, Germany
7 - Colos-Saal Music Club - Aschaffenburg, Germany

Maria Barbieri, Marisa Cuomo: Furia Taurina - from " An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess"

Here is a little part of our favorite song (Furia Taurina) from '' An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess ''. I hope you like it! :)

Electric guitar - Maria Barbieri
Keyboard - Marisa Cuomo

Furia Taurina - from " An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess"

Laura Klinkert: snippets of the live band Smoking Molly with special guest Leonardo Guzman

A video with parts of the concert I had with my band on Friday 24 Smoking Molly in Bogota, where we played some of our songs :)

Laura Klinkert, Vocals and Guitar
Maria Fernanda Ramírez Martínez, Bass
Daniel Mancipe, Drums
Juan Camilo Murillo, Keyboard Vocals
Leonardo Guzmán, Guitar - special guest

Laura Klinkert / 24 Julio

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Misty Zone featuring vocal: mictim

Rock band "PEARL", the opening theme song of the anime song "Magic Knight Rayearth" "nonnegotiable wish," such as in the success of the million-selling singer, and Naomi Tamura, shining in the "storm in (Mobile Suit Gundam first 08MS Platoon theme song) "such as, singers sing a number of anime songs, participation Chihiro Yonekura is a guest vocal. The bassist, Satoshi Kawazoe of Lindbergh of revival this year Hisashi, is Takita Isamu support bassist GRANRODEO participation. Besides, many of the CF Reiko Oshima active in the song, micti vocals of siblings lock unit "Vinal" participation m.
Speedy rock, melodic pop, hyper-rock sound, gem of ballads such as, Rie aka Suzaku whole body of 4 songs! May 28, 2014 release! 1. Sonic City (vocal: Naomi Tamura) 2. Misty Zone (vocal: Mictim) 3. Never Cry (vocal: Yonekura Chihiro) 4. Chain of Emotion (vocal: Oshima Reiko) Rie aka Suzaku Official Web Sitehttp: // Www.Poppin.Jp/rie_web/index.Html Hi, I'm Rie, a Female Guitarist from Japan. Currently, I'm Doing Concerts Mainly at Tokyo. the Also, I Compose my own music and lyrics. In 2010, I made my Debut with mini-album Titled "Messiah" then in 2011, 2nd mini "Mother Earth" WAS Released. And in 2012, 3rd mini "Dreaming Eyes" brought me Two Domestic tours! THESE titles Are Now available on iTunes as well.http : //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/mess ... http: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/moth ...Http://Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/drea ... http: //Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/king ... And finally I Have Produced my 1st-ever full-length (ALSO, 1st-ever Instrumental) album as you See Now !! 2,013.6. 26 On Sale !!

Rie aka Suzaku / Misty Zone featuring vocal: mictim Music Video

Yui: Cyntia - Endless World - live

Remember "The Endless World"?. Their closing song for the Rock'n Girl Live concert with a nostalgic feeling, bringing it back to the days when they debuted, right after "Run to the Future" with their first Album "The Endless World".

Short Bio:
Cyntia is an all-female Japanese Rockl/Metal band. Their music style varies from Melodic Power Metal , Hard Rock to Pop.Rock and others to date. The members are shown below.

SAKI – Vocals
YUI – Guitars, Chorus
KANOKO – Drums, Percussion, Chorus
AYANO – Keyboards, Piano, Chorus
AZU - Bass, Chorus

Please Support: Cyntia@

Music: /
【Cyntia】- Endless World [Live]