Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Gretchen Menn: Talks Recording, Composition, and the Art of the Guitar with Guitar Girl

Do you still practice for four hours a day?

I sure try to. Earlier this year, between January and April, I was doing three to six hours a day, which is about as hard of practice as I ever do. When people say they practice nine hours a day, I think, “How is that even possible?” If I play six hours in a day … I know that somehow I have a solid 18 hours that I’m awake, maybe 16 if I slept enough, but I don’t know how six hours of practice somehow takes up the entire day. Maybe we underestimate how much time it takes to eat and shower. When people say, “I practiced twelve hours yesterday,” I think, “How?!” If I practice for six hours — and I mean really practicing, not noodling absentmindedly — I max out. I get to the point of diminishing returns and I have to leave the house. I need to do the kinds of things that make me a full and complete person.


You are a true believer in earplugs for rehearsals, soundchecks, and gigs. When and why did you begin using them?

My ears are very sensitive. If a police car or fire engine goes by with the siren on, my fingers are in my ears. If I’m at a movie theater, I bring earplugs because it’s always too loud. So pretty much from the first time I ever sat down with a drummer, it was, “Whoa, I’ve got to figure out how to protect myself.” When I was playing in Zepparella and Sticks and Stones, a trio with an incredibly powerful drummer, I ditched my professional earplugs and went with the foam ones. I needed that uneven attenuation because the cymbals were so loud. I went to an audiologist a few years ago because, as much as I love my bands, nothing is worth my hearing. Fortunately, I had no hearing loss at all on any of the spectrum. I was kind of shocked about that, but it made me such a believer. Hearing loss can be very quick. It can happen in a moment and it doesn’t come back, so I’m militant about hearing protection.

Full interview http://www.guitargirlmag.com/interviews/gretchen-menn-talks-recording-composition-and-the-art-of-the-guitar-2015-08-10

Su mi Lee: extreme - get the funk out and a very impressive little wing - back in 2005

My old movie (2005)
- Su Mi Lee Face Book

인더기타 Extreme - get the funk out, Jimi Hendrix - little wing, covered by SuMi Lee (2005)

Nili Brosh: Cali Clinic/Shows and Other News!

Hello friends!

It's been a minute since I've last updated you on what's going on, and as the summer rolls on I have a few dates to announce for the upcoming late summer/fall season. Let me get right to it and tell you a few of the things the Nili Brosh Band has coming up:

On Thursday, August 27th we will be doing a daytime guitar clinic at Musician's Institute in Hollywood as a full band, where I'll be joined by Alon Mei-Tal on guitar, Eli Marcus on bass, and our new friend and amazing musician Ray Rojo, who will be playing drums with us from time to time. We will play an hour-long set and take questions, and I will also be giving an hour of open counseling prior to the clinic. This is likely to only be open to MI students, but chances are I'll have a few passes for LA fans who would like to come by. More details and exact times TBA, so watch for another email blast about this very soon!

On Saturday, September 12th we will be playing a full set at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro, CA for the first time. I'll be joined by the good ol' Alon Mei-Tal on guitar, Andrew Bondor on drums, and ridiculous bassist Ben Shepherd filling in for Eli. Come watch this guy in action - you won't want to miss him! We go on at 8 pm and there is one set and no opener. Advanced tickets will be available online on the Alva's Showroom website, so once again - keep your eyes open for upcoming emails!

People of San Francisco! We will be coming to you as a band for the very first time on Saturday, September 26! We are honored to be opening for our friends Points North and MoeTar at Brick & Mortar. We really hope to see you all there as it is, as I mentioned, our SF debut! Advanced online tickets are already available and you can get them by clicking here.

In other news, the August edition of my column in Premier Guitar was just published this past Saturday. This month I chose to talk about introducing outside chords to familiar chord progressions and how to solo over them. To check out the full lesson click here, and don't forget to look for next month's column for an entirely new topic.

Also, my band Vigilant is currently working on a new record. As I joined the band after their first album was already out, it will be a very exciting new endeavor for me to put my own voice on the band's brand of futuristic vocal rock n' roll.

One last thing - if you're on Instagram or Twitter, please follow me @NiliBrosh! I'm still doing my new Nilick of the Week every week in 2015, and you don't want to miss these 15 second flurries of notes!

As always, thanks for your continued support, and I hope to see you at these upcoming shows!

Till next time,


Jennifer Batten: Vlogs from the continuing Creative Seminar Tour Dates 2015

Self-Empowerment for the Modern Musician Tour Dates below
Clinic dates at batten.com

Dates still left for seminar

Jennifer Batten 2015 USA Tour Vlog #1 Seattle to LA

Jennifer Batten 2015 USA Tour Vlog #2 LA 2 Texas

Nicole Papastavrou: MeridieM Making Of "Katabases"

The Making of Song "Katabases", first Track off meridiem 2015 EP 'Odysseia'. All music written by meridiem Meridian the uses Liuteria Rox Handmade Guitars from Italy, and Jim Dunlop Super Bright Guitar Strings

MeridieM Making Of "Katabases"

Yui: Cynti - Jewel Star [Live]

Although after an exhausting 13 songs Saki still manages to perform "Jewel Star" from their 1st Album nicely during their encore meanwhile fans of Yui may also enjoy her remarkable play yet again especially near the end. Nice solo 3:15

【Cyntia】- Jewel Star [Live]

Joanna Connor: MoeJoeVision - The 4th Annual Gloucester Blues Festival 8/8/15

Joanna Connor ripping it up live @ The 4th Annual Gloucester Blues Festival 8/8/15

Joanna Connor Live @ The 4th Annual Gloucester Blues Festival 8/8/15

Maddie Rice: Forget Me - OFTHE - Drew Ofthe Drew

The first single off our upcoming album 'What Does It Do'

Video/Bass - Drew Ofthe Drew
Vocals - Joanna Teters
Guitar - Maddie Rice
Drums - JP Bouvet and Ian Barnett
Drawings - Lailah Abonami
Camera Operator - Josh Trappler
2nd Unit Director - Ethan Moore

Buy it now here!

Also available on iTunes and Spotify.
Forget Me - OFTHE

Amy McDonagh: 'Wrecking Ball' - Joanne Shaw Taylor Cover

Another cover by JST, great song from The Dirty Truth album. Trying out a clean tone here with my 1967 reissue Fender Strat, and the amp is Roland Cube 40W. Enjoy :)

Amy McDonagh Guitar - 'Wrecking Ball' - Joanne Shaw Taylor Cover

Anna Sentina: Feel Right Cover with BriansThing

Feel Right cover - bass and saxophone! :)

Follow us on FB/Insta/Twitter, and subscribe to Brian's YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/BriansThing



Thank you to Kiesel/Carvin Guitars, Roland, BOSS, DR Strings, and Gruvgear!

Bass: Carvin Guitars Vanquish V59K

For booking: annasentinabooking@gmail.com

Feel Right Cover - Anna Sentina and BriansThing

Liz DeYoe: How Insensitive - new arrangement

My arrangement of How Insensitive by A.C. Jobim

How Insensitive

Genny Jam: Echo - Dream Unleashed Arrangement

Joe Satriani's Echo performed by Dream Unleashed at Fairwood Community Park
Genny Jam - guitar
Tiffany Lloyd - bass
Kayla Waters - keys
William Speedy Truss - drums

Echo (Dream Unleashed Arrangement)