Saturday, 15 August 2015

Violet Heart: Black Widow - great original promo video

Violet Heart: Black Widow - original promo video

Reno Schnell: Epitaph - RPM Komplott / Peter Sonntag Quartett feat. Rhythm and Brass Earth Ensemble

Peter Sonntag - Bass
Reno Schnell - Guitar
Max Sonntag - Drums
Markus Plum - Trombone, Keys
Yavuz Duman - Trompet
Boris Bansbach - Sax
Pitti Hecht - Percussion
Pinguin Moschner - Tuba

Epitaph - RPM Komplott / Peter Sonntag Quartett feat. Rhythm and Brass Earth Ensemble

Meytal Cohen, Anel Orantes Pedrero: Meytal - Nothing - stunning new promo video

Get the limited edition album here:

'Nothing' / Written by Meytal Cohen & Sahaj Ticotin
Produced by Sahaj Ticotin
From the release 'MEYTAL - ALCHEMY'

“Nothing” is one of my absolute favorite songs off our new album Alchemy - you have a few days left to get this limited edition album signed and dedicated.. as well as some other limited edition products which you can check out here -


Shooting this video was one incredibly sweaty experience, in this awesomely creative yet airconditionless wearhouse called Mystery Box. however, I do think it was worth it. Huge thanks to my awesome bandmates for rocking their asses off despite the unreasonable room temperature (Yes Eric is obsessed w his beanie and apparently no amount of heat will ever change that). video directed and shot by Carlo Alberto Orecchia which you should know by now is my favorite camera man around:

Edited by Lior Ron
Shot at the Mystery Box:
Special thanks to Brett Powell


Eric Emery - Vocals
Travis Montgomery - Guitar
Doc Coyle - Guitar
Anel Orantes Pedrero - Bass
Meytal Cohen - Drums

MEYTAL - NOTHING (full music video)

Polina Sedova: Hotone Chunk Distortion

Polina Sedova demos the Hotone Chunk Distortion pedal

Полина Седова Обзор педали Hotone Chunk Distortion

Alexandra Zerner: Brothers - excellent Yngwie Malmsteen cover!

This is my cover version of my favourite Yngwie Malmsteen's track. If you like it, support me on:

Brothers (Yngwie Malmsteen) - cover by Alexandra Zerner

Justyna Sobczak: Sedina Duo with Błażej Sudnikowicz

SEDINA DUO - Justyna Sobczak & Błażej Sudnikowicz
Tres Danzas Argentinas Op. 2 II. Mvt. 'Danza de la moza donosa'
by Alberto Ginastera (transcription by Duo Melis).
Visit us:

Sedina Duo - Tres Danzas Argentinas Op. 2 II. Mvt. by Alberto Ginastera