Monday, 7 September 2015

Marta Robles, Ekaterina Zaytzeva: playing a fragment of Sevilla Spanish Suite by I Albenz

Dúo del Mar (Marta Robles y Ekaterina Zaytzeva), interpretando un fragmento de SEVILLA, de la SUITE ESPAÑOLA de I. Albeniz.


Antra Lante: improvisation over Michael Jackson's Give into me song.

This is my improvisation over Michael Jackson's Give into me song. Taylor acoustic, TC Electronics Ditto looper.

Michael Jackson/Give into me/ Acoustic guitar Ditto looper jam

Deborah Tamiazzo: Feels Like Home Solo - Orianthi

This is my new solo cover. I figured it out by ear, I hope you like it ;)
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Guitar Cover - Orianthi "Feels Like Home" Solo

Flor Dollz, Dulce Hale: Baby Dollz - Voodoo (Live 2015)

Original Song Voodoo. Síguenos en/Follow us:

Baby Dollz:
Karina Clowes — Vocals
Effe Ele Dollz — Drums
R Dailor Dollz — Bass
Flor Dollz — Lead guitar
Dulce Hale — Guitar

Video by: Harvi's Pick

Baby Dollz - Voodoo (Live 2015)

Noemi Terrasi: Ignite Amps - Emissary - Schecter JL-7 - classy original

The composition is a Demo from an unreleased project.

I use my Schecter JL-7 - Emg active pickups .

All tracks are mixed and mastered by Vincenzo Avallone :

Special Thanks to my friends Vincenzo A. and Daniele Caradonna .

Ignite Amps - Emissary - Demo and Playthrough - Schecter JL-7

Megan Lovell, Rebecca Lovell: Larkin Poe: Larkin Poe - "Lithium" snippet (Nirvana)

What we do for fun: goof off in the rehearsal room. Megan gets her Cobain on while Rebecca multi-tasks on guitar & kick drum. It's all about trying new things, people...

Larkin Poe | "Lithium" snippet (Nirvana)

News: 5 Japanese All-Female Metal Bands: True to the Cause - article

Peter Tork once said that all kinds of music are about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away.

If that’s the case, then metal is the locomotive train to personal serenity. I do not want to sound prejudiced, but there is something special about the sound of metal music; a sense of belonging, a feeling of revolution, a rebellious attitude.

For quite a while the scene was dominated by male musicians, with the female contribution to the genre being mostly that of the main vocalist.

In Japan, where the chasm between what you hear and what you see is greater than the Grand Canyon, there are many all-female metal bands and musicians who want to challenge that.

Here is a very subjective list of the best all-female metal bands from Nippon.

Kiana De Leon: Vixen Vendetta - Anthrax Caught in a Mosh live

Rockin' at M15 on 8/29/15!
Emily Patterson - vocals
Abigail Hartman - bass
(Kiana Shotgun) De Leon - guitar
Sasha De Leon - drums

ANTHRAX - Caught in a Mosh (All - Female Cover)

Francesca Zanetta: Unreal City - line up details for progressive guitar band

Unreal City

We are very pleased to announce the new line up of the band!


Emanuele Tarasconi - Keyboards, lead voice
Francesca Zanetta - Guitars, Mellotron
Dario Pessina - Bass, bass pedals, voice
Marco Garbin - Drums and percussions
Matteo Bertani - Violin, voice, Mellotron

Lo Schermo Di Pietra - Unreal City (Official Video)

La Meccanica Dell'Ombra [Unreal City @ Verona ProgFest 2015, Italy]