Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Yui: Cyntia Live Tour 2015 DVD available

March 2015 CYNTIA LIVE TOUR 2015 that were made ​​in the "PRETTY WOMAN" incandescent of Tokyo performances in LIVE DVD! ! !
September 30, 2015 emergency announced!
CYNTIA Official Toy Store site CLION MARKET ( Http://Clionmarket.Jp ) other, it will sell at the WEB site. Ahead of it, one-man live to be carried out in 9 or Month 25 ⽇ by "NIGHT AND DAY", make the venue destination ⾏ released. There venue preceding Offer!
- Price: 4,000 yen + tax

[LIVE DVD spot video] 9/30 sale! CYNTIA LIVE TOUR 2015 "PRETTY WOMAN"

Alexandra Zerner: Arpeggio lick in Melodic minor scale

Arpeggio lick in Melodic minor scale, on a Gm6/9(7#) chord. If you like it, support me on:

WeeklyckZ #28 (by Alexandra Zerner)

Sheryl Bailey: Heavy Bag Blues - Live in Nanjing China at the Nanjing University of the Arts

Live in Nanjing China at the Nanjing University of the Arts. Guitarist/composer Sheryl Bailey, drummer Ian Froman and organist Ron Oswanski. This tune was originally featured on her Mel Bay DVD, "Live in NYC" ©2008 Sheryl Bailey/Withanese Music ASCAP. Stop by for tour info and more!

The Sheryl Bailey 3: "Heavy Bag Blues"

Katalina González: live solo from guitar school promo

School versatile guitar, the guitar techniques specializing
Bogota 8756164/3006161650


Victoria Scarlet: Watch It Burn - demo of original new tune

My new original composition! I wrote the MIDI bass and drums and performed all the guitar parts. Recorded via Logic Pro 9. Egnater Vengeance 120 Watt Head, Ibanez Herman Li EGEN18 Guitar. Enjoy! \m/(^___^)\m/

Victoria Scarlet- Watch It Burn (Original)

Kiana De Leon: Rock Bottom Guitar Solo Paladino's 2015

Tasty soloing from the live show of Vixen Vendetta at Paladino's on 9/5/15

UFO - Rock Bottom Guitar Solo

Maddie Rice: now Late Show guitarist for Stephen Colbert - Awesome!!!

Maddie Rice.
Crazy night when you find out a former allstar student from your music school is now on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert as their guitarist with the band.

Jennifer Batten: Rig Rundown from clinic at Sam Ash in Nashville

Article and photos:

Jennifer Batten took a few minutes before her clinic at Sam Ash in Nashville to show Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger her rig and play some mind-bending guitar.

Batten travels with one guitar: her Washburn signature JB100. This guitar features a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and Duckbuckers in the middle and neck.

For added sonic expression, she uses a Fishman TriplePlay to give her unlimited weirdness.

Jennifer Batten designed her own mute system that attaches to the guitar’s headstock. Before that, she used a sock.

To continue learning about Batten's gear, visit:
Rig Rundown - Jennifer Batten