Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Daphne Helena De Luliis: Tapping and legato

Studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance


Daphne Helena De Luliis: Tapping and Legato

Bruna Terroni: Technical Difficulties

Hey guys!! Here is a song by Racer X. Hope you like it ;)

BRUNA TERRONI Technical Difficulties

Simone van Straten: Sisters of Suffocation - Insanity of Doom Fest Genk (B)

Sisters of Suffocation, Death Metal (NL)
Vocals - Els Prins
Guitar - Simone van Straten
Drums - Amber de Buijzer
Bass - Puck Wildschut

Email: sistersofsuffocation@gmail.com

Filmed and published with permission of the band!
More video's on: www.marleovideo.nlSisters of Suffocation @ Insanity of Doom Fest Genk (B)

Carmen Raats: Scarlet Stories Nostalgia in a closed Mind

SCARLET STORIES Live @De Groene Engel, Oss
Bidi Bookings Anniversary 20th December 2014

Song: Nostalgia in a closed Mind
Mix live recordings by Marcel van de Vondervoort
Video by Huub Laarmans

Music & lyrics by Bram te Kamp & Lisette van den Berg

Carmen Raats, Desmond Kuijk, Tim Kuper, Bram te Kamp and Lisette van den Berg

Website: http://www.scarletstories.com
Bookings by Bidi Bookings http://www.bidibookings.com

SCARLET STORIES | Live Nostalgia in a closed mind

Satyricon - The Wolfpack (cover by Carmen)

Adunbee: Time And Time Again - Andy James

This is one of my favorite songs to play of all times - and I chose to cover it now to mark that the channel now has 1000 subscribers!! Thank you all so so much!

It's a really pretty, but difficult song to play - so some parts are changed from the original due to the extreme level of Andy's playing. Enjoy! \M/

Feel free to leave request songs either here in the comments or on my Facebook - I am unable to answer comments and messages on YouTube due to some technical difficulties, but use my Facebook and I'll answer you as fast as I can!

Rock on, and again thank you all for the support!! \M/

Time And Time Again - Andy James

Ekaterina Chumak: MuzKat: All around and Andy James - What Lies Beneath

MuzKat - solo project of Ekaterina Chumak .
All around - another demo recording made ​​it on a home computer with a program: SONAR X1 Producer, Guitar Rig, EZMix2, Addictive Drums, EZkeys, Massive.
Musical instrument: Schecter Hellraiser Special C- 7, Yamaha ERG 121, Alex Bass, M-Audio Axiom Pro 61.

MuzKat - All around

Andy James - What Lies Beneath (solo cover)

Mayuo: Solid Sky and Dream Box Michiya Haruhata cover

This is the guitar playing Mayuo not progress quite | ° Д °)))
it is It is best to enjoy!
Family does not take a quite slowly moving in the summer vacation, it is half-hearted, but I please look!

Solid Sky / michiya haruhata copy

And are we aiming to take one shot, but (one I) many times Also do in has also been re-recording.
While refers to quite myself ~! And of good if it does far also Hamori (laughs)
possible is this mon Well after all.

Dream Box / michiya haruhata guitar copy

Samantha Wells: Journey Instruments "Overhead" Collapsible Travel Guitar - Classical

…And I love her… my new “Overhead” by Journey Instruments, that is. - www.journeyinstruments.com - Classical (nylon strings), yay! She solves all my travel needs! And she’s a real guitar, not a shaped tube or frame or a stick… I can actually play her like I’d play my standard guitars. Did I mention she sounds great too? (She has an input to plug in an amp but I find she's got plenty of volume as is) - Call me spoiled but all of the above makes a huge difference for me.

Assembling and disassembling the "Overhead" are a breeze, she comes with this snazzy storage case that doubles as a backpack and it’s got all these functional pockets for music sheets, a small laptop, Ipad… and yes!, it fits nice and cozy in a plane overhead compartment so you don’t get all the funny looks from the stewardess.:) Delighted to have an “Overhead” as part of my little family of guitars!

Thank you for watching and for your feedback!

Journey Instruments "Overhead" Collapsible Travel Guitar - Classical

Muriel Anderson: Essentials: Fingerstyle Guitar - Intro

LEARN MORE: https://truefire.com/c820

Muriel Anderson's Essentials: Fingerstyle Guitar - Intro

Tatiana Pará: tasty demo of the Malagoli pickup

Tatiana Pará - demoing the Guitar Player pickup by Malagoli (HH)

Tatiana Pará - Guitar Player pickup by Malagoli (HH)

Alejandra Mesliuk: Punto de Conciencia (ensayo) by Awen

Rehearsing for the show in the House, September 19, 2015, at 21 pm. Awen: Alejandra Mesliuk: guitar Martin Diaz Agharta: Indian tabla and accessories

Punto de Conciencia (ensayo) by Awen

Olga Isabel Medina: Concert Promo - Moonlight Sonata

Sneak peek of one of the pieces that I will play in my next concert on Monday 21st of September for my Master's degree Final Concert!

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (Third Movement)