Thursday, 17 September 2015

Moa Henriksson, Nikki Stringfield: LadyHood announce special show date

These are the incredible women who make up#LadyHood... Oh. Mah. Gawd. Welcome Nikki, Moa, Emily and Tanya! The Globe Theatre is going to have its roof raised on the 24th Sept. Email us at to get on the door list. — with Moa Henriksson, Nikki Stringfield and Emily Sullyat Globe Theatre.

Nikki Stringfield, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens - Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills - The Tiki Bar 2015

The Iron Maidens Tribute to Iron Maiden with " Number of the Beast "

The IRON MAIDENS Live @ The Tiki Bar 09/12/15

The Iron Maidens a Tribute to Iron Maiden with "Run to the Hills"

Mina Taicho: Fate Gear - Romancer Music Video DVD release


さかえ -Sakae(Bass)

Fate Gear / Romancer Music Video DVD release!
Fate gear is dvd limited edit. And I'm a meat オフショット in, also.
Venue Limited Edition is on September live station by! 2,000 yen.

Isa Nielsen: Synthetic Inoxia - Expomusic 2015 and new EP

Isa Nielsen will be at Expomusic 2015 at the Boss and Santo Angelo booths. Look out for Isa Nielsen's EP will be which is due for release December 2015
This is my first authorial music, Synthetic inoxia. Production: Thiago Oliveira Bass: Fabio Carito Keyboard: Flavio Sallin Guitars: Isa Nielsen and Ibanez

Expo 17/09 as 19h no Stand da Santo Angelo e jam com Kleber K. Shima
Expo 19/09 as 16h no Stand da Boss e as 17h no Music Hall com Detonator
Expo dia 20/09 - as 17h com Kleber K. Shima No Stand do Pedrone Amplificadores
Clínica (Workshop) em Belo Horizonte dia 23/09 as 19h30

Synthetic Inoxia

Clinic date