Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ice: "Sitting Here Waiting" a laconic acoustic performance

Here is my final song from my demo!

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"Sitting Here Waiting" written by Ice (acoustic performance)

Heidi Shepherd,Carla Harvey: Butcher Babies

BUTCHER BABIES - Igniter (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album, 'Take It Like A Man', Century Media Records, 2015. Purchase now: iTunes:http://smarturl.it/takeitlikeamanITUNES
Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/BB-Take-AMAPre


Ariane Cap: Pentatonic Playground for Bass Guitar Lessons

TrueFire presents Ariane Cap: Pentatonic Playground for Bass Guitar Lessons

Pentatonic Playground for Bass Guitar Lessons - Ariane Cap

Nili Brosh: talks in depth with .guitargirlmag.com

Was it your age, your gender, both, that made people curious, and then sheer talent that won them over?

I thought it would get people’s attention, and it probably did. I don’t know if age or gender comes first in this case. It’s hard to pinpoint. They’re things we can just speculate about. People do unfortunately think in those terms. If you’re young and really good, that means something, or if you’re a girl and you’re really good. I don’t think people are so sexist that they think a girl can’t play as well as a guy. I think they’re just surprised to see it because it's still rare. That’s what I’d like to believe, at least. I don’t know what gets their attention first; a combination of things, I guess. It’s what I was covering, too. Let’s not forget about that.

You say it’s still rare. As a teacher and artist, do you see and hear from more females than before?

I do see more and more female guitar players. I think there are a lot of us now, but there’s still not a lot of girls at shows, unless they’re girlfriends of the guys. It’s getting better, but it depends on who you’re going to see. The ratio is still pretty skewed. I have only had a handful of female students over the years. I think I have the least amount of female fans out of these categories of students and guitar players and general music fans. I have way more male fans. I don’t know how many, but that’s the biggest discrepancy.

Check out the full interview http://www.guitargirlmag.com/interviews/the-world-view-according-to-nili-brosh-i-dont-want-to-portray-some-version-of-myself-thats-not-real-2015-10-10

Merel Bechtold: DELAIN names guitarist Merel as a permanent additional band member.

Newsflash: DELAIN names guitarist Merel Bechtold permanent additional band member.

There's no such thing as too many guitars! After playing several occasional shows with Merel Bechtold on guitars, DELAIN have decided to adopt her into the family permanently and continue with double guitar power.
Merel states: "I'm excited to become a permanent DELAIN member and hugely looking forward to the upcoming tours and albums. See you on the road!"
First chance to see Merel perform with DELAIN again will be at the upcoming European headline tour starting this Thursday, October 22nd.
For dates and tickets, check www.delain.nl/calendar/

Stacey Douglas: Cupid's Dead - great Extreme tribute N61

Just a bit of fun with an N61 and some classic Nuno riffs, an old fav of mine.

Cupid's Dead (Extreme Cover)

Check the album  The Skies Are Ours by ICOSA

1. Ermangulatr 06:55
2. The Skies Are Ours: 1 05:06
3. The Skies Are Ours: 2 03:57
4. Trepidation 06:35

Debut 4 track EP
released 20 June 2014

Tom Tattersall - 8 string guitars / vocals
Stacey Douglas - 7 string guitars
Jack Ashley - Drums

All material composed by ICOSA
Engineered mixed and mastered by Jack Ashley
Cover art concept by Hannah Tattersall

ICOSA - 'Trepidation'