Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Simona Soddu: the making of LEFTOVERS - the lead guitar - first solo album on the way

Leftovers is Simona's first solo album out November 15th on the main digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, CdBaby and many more).

Simona Soddu: the making of LEFTOVERS

Iwanaga Chennai: Solo 6 string Bass "ARC"

Iwanaga Chennai: I tried playing it in honor to the base of the day ARC

Solo 6 string Bass "ARC"

Flavia Messinese: working on the solo for Ho camminato nel Vento by Alberto Lorenzini

The full original song by Alberto is available here:

Thanks for whatching!!! ;)

Ho camminato nel Vento by Alberto Lorenzini (short guitar lick)

Arielle: Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

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Recorded by Arielle
Filmed & Produced by Gisselle Acuna
Mixed by Adam Peri
Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran (Arielle Cover)

Elizabeth Schall: Dreaming Dead - Stairs Into the Vortex - San Diego Metal Swap Meet 2015

Elizabeth Schall: An oldie but always a goodie. Live performance of Stairs Into the Vortex @ San Diego Metal Swap Meet 2015.

Dreaming Dead / Stairs Into the Vortex / San Diego Metal Swap Meet 2015

Marin Miyazawa, Yuki Uozumi: Invasion - LoVendoЯ - instrumental performance for Ustream Shiburock Girls

【Ustream「渋ROCK GIRLS」第4回】
【時間】20:00 START
【GUEST】魚住有希 宮澤茉凜 from LoVendoЯ(ラベンダー)
【BAND】Gt.魚住有希 Gt.宮澤茉凜 Bass:島袋せりか Drs.Mariko
【face book】


Erika Ragtiny: lead guitar for Kisakiemi - We are the ONE- live at Shinjuku 2015

We are the ONE
songwriting Kisakiemi
--- official site Http://Kisakiemi.Com Twitter Https://Twitter.Com/kisakiemi001 Facebook official fan pageHttps://Www.Facebook.Com/kisakiemi.Fan [Kisakiemi PROFILE] everything from songwriting down to the costumes themselves and produced the rock artists, Kisakiemi. Overwhelming rock sound once heard Once away not feeling hit melody, in a dynamic intense performance that not imagine from its appearance you are creating a live space that became the audience and integrated. And in爆進around the Tokyo Live House! A must-see, must listen artist of the most attention as a new Icon of female vocals!

Kisakiemi [We are the ONE] LIVE at SHINJUKU RUIDO K4 (2015.06.09)

Divaldi Addina: The Little Miss Hurricane - shredding it up live at Grand Kemang

So here i was playing my original song
The Little Miss Hurricane
Live at Batik Lounge Grand Kemang jakarta.


Always with me Always with you (cover)

2nd song Live at Grand Kemang - Batik Lounge

Nita Strauss: of course you'll want one for Christmas!

Nita Strauss

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