Sunday, 15 November 2015

Momo: performs Blue Blood by X Japan

Though is still shabby. . (The -;)
and vegetarian.

momo 15years old 「BLUE BLOOD」/ X JAPAN guitar cover

Gretchen Menn: Nuages for Paris

The horror, the heartbreak... My love and hope to Paris and all with friends and family there. Words fail me in such moments, so I offer this very humble musical tribute. The song seemed fitting:
"It was another song--a simple, apolitical melody--that became the ersatz anthem of Paris during the Occupation... The melody seemed to come to Django from thin air... he called it 'Nuages' "
- Michael Dregni, in his biography of Django Reinhardt

Nuages for Paris

Aiko: CREA - Go My Way - Girls' Rock Band release new promo video

Girls' Rock Band CREA
[web site]

“The CREA”is consists of 4girls who are Naki(Vocal), Aiko(Guitar), Hiroka(Bass), and Miku(Drums),our aggressive live performance is well known in Japan.

Genny Jam: GPC Global Jam 13 - submission to the Guitar Players Collective Facebook Group

My submission to the Guitar Players Collective Facebook Group using a backing track created by Through the Prism :) kinda fun ...

GPC Global Jam 13 - Genny Jam

Roz Firth: No Name - live performance of another original from acoustic tapper

I finally got round to recording another original :)

If you like my stuff... (hit like or send a message)! (more info & buy my CD here)!

No Name - Roz Firth

Samantha Fish: three of the best from Schwarzer Adler in Rheinberg

Samantha Fish: three of the best from Schwarzer Adler in Rheinberg

Samantha Fish - Blame It On The Moon @ Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg - 2015.11.08

Samantha Fish - Go Home @ Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg - 2015.11.08

Samantha Fish (feat. Laurence Jones) - Bitch On The Run @ Schwarzer Adler - Rheinberg - 2015.11.08

Megan Lovell, Rebecca Lovell: Larkin Poe - KRML Presents Live in the Vines at Folktale Winery and Capo User Spotlight

Check out Larkin Poe's performance in the Folktale barrel room and their chat with KRML's Jeff White in the vineyard.

KRML Presents Live in the Vines at Folktale Winery with Larkin Poe

"When I sat down and started using Capo for the first time, I was amazed at how big a punch this little app packs! It's intuitive, convenient, and high-quality. Even when adjusting the key and tempo of mp3's, the audio quality that is maintained is really refreshing. Plus, as a mandolin player, I find it endearing that there's a mandolin chord function. Way to keep it classy, Capo.

Capo User Spotlight: Larkin Poe

Nili Brosh: a live interview in Tamarah's Closet

Nili Brosh was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved to the Boston area with her family at the age of 12. She went on to study guitar at Berklee College of Music, where she founded the Nili Brosh Band and began to play her original music around the New England area. Nili graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee in 2009, and immediately went on to become one of the youngest faculty members in the Berklee Summer Guitar Programs.

In 2010, Nili released her debut instrumental album entitled "Through The Looking Glass", which featured members of her band along with a guest appearance by famed guitarist Andy Timmons. In the following few years, she joined The Iron Maidens for many performances in the US, and became a member of Tony MacAlpine (Steve Vai, Planet X, CAB)'s band, touring the US, Europe, and Mexico. Nili has also made guest appearances with Andy Timmons, Stu Hamm, Guthrie Govan, The Aristocrats, and has opened for Yngwie ( Eeng-Vay) Malmsteen on his 2013 "Spellbound" US tour. In 2014, she released her second album entitled "A Matter of Perception", featuring a heavyweight rhythm section including Virgil Donati, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann, Stu Hamm, and others. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Nili continues to perform her original material with her Nili Brosh Band.

Nili endorses Ibanez guitars, EMG pickups, Dunlop/MXR products, Xotic effects, and Dean Markley strings.

LIVE INTERVIEW in Tamarah's Closet: "Introducing Guitarist Nili Brosh"

Nita Strauss: School's Out and Poison - the Alice Cooper tour continues

Nita Strauss: School's Out and Poison - the Alice Cooper tour continues

Alice Cooper / School's Out 20151010 OH

Nita Strauss Alice Cooper / POISON 20151010

Samantha Fish: The Full Session from The Bridge - live in Local 909 Studio

Kansas City artist Samantha Fish performs and is interviewed by Jon Hart of 90.9 The Bridge in TV studio A at KCPT in Kansas City, Missouri.

90.9 FM The Bridge | | |

@909TheBridge | @KCPT

Live in studios and interviews from local and national music artists: The Bridge, 90.9 FM KTBG, listener supported public music radio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Local 909 in Studio : Samantha Fish - ‘The Full Session’ | The Bridge

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - live shows and tour dates

Opening songs from the band's set at O'Brien's Pub in Boston's Allston neighborhood on Monday, Nov. 2, 2015

Go and see this fine band on tour... they deserve your support!

Sarah Longfield - Guitar
Steve Meyer - Drums
Steve-O Wilkes - Guitar

11/16 - Houston, TX – Acadia
11/17 - San Antonio,TX – Jack’s Bar
11/18 - Midland, TX – Kamiposi
11/19 - Albuquerque, NM – Blu Phoenix Venue
11/20 - Phoenix, AZ – The Rogue
11/21 - Las Vegas, NV – OMD
11/22 - San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
11/23 - Anaheim, CA – The Doll Hut
11/25 - Lodi, CA - The Bullpen
11/27 - Eugene, OR – Black Forest
11/28 - Seattle, WA – El Corazon
11/29 - Spokane, WA – The Pin
11/30 - Missoula, MT – Stage 112
12/1 - Billings, MT – Pub Station
12/3 - Denver, CO – 7th Circle
12/4 - Omaha, NE – The Lookout Lounge
12/5 - Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s

The Fine Constant - live in Allston (Boston), MA Nov. 2, 2015

The Fine Constant @ Black Sheep Cafe in Springfield IL