Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Yuri Isobe: live performances from Yagi Rock Festival 2015

Yagi Rock Festival 2015 @ Nantan Yagi
Isobebando Yagi organization members: Yu~tsu chan (Drum), with Mr. (Guitar), good low (Bass), Mr. Nagano (carrier pigeon)

1. Pau-de-Arara (Kiko Loureiro)
2. Cafeteria (Yuri Isobe)
3. Orange Field (Yuri Isobe)
4. Arcos da Lapa (Kiko Loureiro)
5. Moment (Yuri Isobe)
6. Spicy Doughnut (Yuri Isobe)

YRF Yagi Rock Festival 2015 Yuri Isobe digest

Archy Jay: Thunderstruck - The Snake Charmer - Dubstruck

I love this band and their song and this is my version of AC DC's Thunderstruck. Tried some dubstep and some Indian tunes to do something different and original. Tell me if you like it!

Music Arranged By - Karan Katiyar ( Thanks for this awesome composition and the Dubstep )
Produced By - Paras Khanna at Hour glass studios
Bagpipes by - Archy J
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Accessory courtesy -
Wardrobe courtesy -
Make up - Sasshy Sharma
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The Snake Charmer - Dubstruck (Thunderstruck - AC/DC)