Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mina: Awayuki no Inori-FATE GEAR ballad

FATE GEAR 1st フルアルバム「A Light in the Black」より、

Music、Lyrics : Mina隊長


Japanese Girl Metal Band!

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沫雪の祈り-Awayuki no Inori-FATE GEAR ballad

Burcu Ozdereli: Anahata Rising - Jackson RR1, Yamaha RBX374

This is my new song 'Anahata Rising' .
All the guitars, bass and the drums are composed, recorded and mixed by me.
I've recorded it with my Jackson RR1, Yamaha RBX374, Pro Tools 9, Axe FX 2 and Superior Drummer.

I hope you like it :)
Burcu Ozdereli - Anahata Rising

Burcu Ozdereli - Anahata Rising

Jen Majura: plays... something in D

Jen Majura playing... you guessed it!... a little something in D

Jen Majura plays... something in D

Tina Gorin, Tracy Hightop: Jane Lee Hooker - Shake For Me - Fairfield Theatre 2016

Dana "Danger" Athens - Vocals; Melissa "Cool Whip" Houston - Drums; "Hail Mary" Zadroga - Bass; Tracy "Hightop" - Guitar; Tina "T-Bone" Gorin - Guitar.
StageOne - Fairfield Theatre Company / Fairfield, CT

JANE LEE HOOKER "Shake For Me" - Fairfield Theatre Co. 1/14/16

Bea Vinculado: Don't Blink - POT

Bea Vinculado plays a cover song


Hannah Rose, Chanelle Romero: Cosmic Reaction Best of You Foo Fighters

Cosmic Reaction, teen girl band (okay, everyone except the drummer) covers Best of You at Anaheim's Chain Reaction on January 15, 2016.

Best of You (Foo Fighters) Cover by Cosmic Reaction

Jimena Fosado: In the Dragon's Den Solo

Hey! Welcome to my official youtube channel!
You;ll fin more music genres than my previous channel and you'' see improvement each video!
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In the Dragon's Den Solo by Jimena Fosado