Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ruki,Ayano: G∀LMET - Japanese all girl death band - live Kichijoji crescendo 2016

G∀LMET, one-man line was carried out at the Kichijoji crescendo on January 23, 2016 Breakfast.
Digest ver of the second part.! ! New song five songs and new costumes show off in front ☆

G∀LMET 2016.1.23 @ Kichijoji crescendo one-man Part 2

Alicyn Yaffee: I Remember- Molly Drake cover

Alicyn Yaffee: I Remember- Molly Drake cover

Laura Cox: rocking it up on Take me back home - Live 2016

Laura Cox @ MJC L'Oreille Cassée, Combs-la-Ville 05/02/2016

Laura Cox - Take me back home - Live 2016

Wena Velasco: Announces the launch of Vic Viper inspired by popular games music

Vic Viper Merch


Vic Viper "LAUNCH" Album is out now. I put a lot of energy into this..It's definitely the most challenging album I have ever recorded and played complicated bass lines I never thought would be possible to play. It took a lot of practice and i ate a lot of donuts and got fat making this album happen so i hope you all like it as much as i do. I'd like to thank Cleartone Strings,Iacon Sound Studios, Back to Bassics, Darkglass Electronics, Tsunami Cables, Bass Players United, SVS Designs, the Shizz community, Maiko for the Art, and all of you for all the love and support. Have a good weekend! smile emoticon

1. Gradius II - Stage Interlude, Burning Heat 01:35
2. Gradius II - Ending 01:37
3. Castlevania - Wicked Child 01:55
4. Castlevania II - Dwelling of Doom 00:53
5. Contra - Jungle 01:52
6. Mega Man III - Dr. Wily 2 01:22
7. Mega Man II - Dr. Wily 1 02:32
8. Street Fighter 2010 - City Lights 01:49
9. Double Dragon II - The Fight Continues02:05
10. Life Force - Starfield, Burn the Wind02:03
11. Metal Gear - Jungle 02:00
12. Mega Man V - Dark Man 02:18
13. Batman Returns - Gotham Plaza, Save the Children, Follow the Circus Train02:49
14. 鳥人戦隊ジェットマン - Area A 02:25
15. Ninja Gaiden II - Approaching Evil, Tower of Lahja 02:48
16. Mega Man 9 - Flash In the Dark 01:40
17. Ys II - To Make the End of Battle 01:59
18. Final Fantasy VI - Wild West (Bonus Track) 02:28
19. Final Fantasy VI - Devil's Lab (Bonus Track) 02:14
20. Final Fantasy VI - The Decisive Battle (Bonus Track) 01:58

released February 3, 2016

Andre Beller - Guitar, Bass (Tracks 7 and 19)
Mike Montemarano - Keyboard
Wena Velasco - Bass
Erich Beckmann - Drums

Mixing and Mastering by Andreas Kotsamanidis
Art by Maiko Z
Design and layout by Mike Montemarano

Special thanks:
Connor Kelley for Andre’s guitar,
The MIDIbox community for Mike’s synth, and the VGM community for the inspiration and support
Cleartone Strings, Darkglass Electronics, Tsunami cables, Bassics Studio, Iacon Sound Studio, Graphiclab Promos, SVS Designs
Ryan Munz for moving to New York (and coming back)
Lord Machino and Akira Jimbo
Nintendo, its game developers, and the composers for the amazing music!


Presented by Vic Viper