Monday, 18 April 2016

Rosie Aldrete: Guns and Roses Sweet Child O Mine

Guitar Solo sweet child by Rosie Aldrete

Guns and Roses Sweet Child O Mine Guitar solo by female guitarist

Nita Strauss: from Alice Cooper - Blackstar Potential Lesson

Nita Strauss: plays dirty diamonds from Alice Cooper - Blackstar Potential Lesson

Nita Strauss from Alice Cooper - Blackstar Potential Lesson

Beatrice Tosoratti: Venusia live at Al Fortino

Italian all female rock band Venusia live@Al Fortino
Line up:
- Lead vocals and guitar: Beatrice Tosoratti
- Bass guitar: Elettra Pizzale
- Drums: Giulia Zuliani
- Lead guitar: Greta Titton


mayuogt: Marionette BOØWY

It takes a long time of one shot (¯ ▽ ¯;)
But I took nothing take to say that.
Mercy Hey ('╥ω╥`)
Since the solo did not really know,
I was allowed to be a copy of the people who are mentioned YouTube.

Marionette / BOØWY / guitar copy

Leticia Wolf : The Dead Deads - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit cover performed by The Remasters live at Mercy Lounge. Featuring Leticia Wolf (The Dead Deads), Matt Mahaffey (Self), Mark Watrous (The Shins/The Raconteurs), Sam Powers (Superdrag)

The Dead Deads Leticia Wolf Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nirvana Cover] w/ Matt Mahaffey, Mark Watrous

Alicyn Yaffee: Water - he music on this album comes from observations on life and events in the heart

Track off of Alicyn Yaffee Debut Album "Someone Else"
Benny Rietveld- Producer, bass, keys,
Alicyn Yaffee- Guitar, Voice Compositions

The music on this album comes from observations on life and events in the heart, and is expressed through the idioms of Jazz, Punk, Classical, and Soul.

Produced by Benny Rietveld, the album features performances by Cindy Blackman Santana, Ronnie Foster, Pepe Jimenez, Jeff Cressman, Ben Goldberg, Benny Rietveld and Alicyn herself playing all guitars.

"Alicyn is a rare bird among the breed of young guitar players. Hers is a soulful style, emphasizing tone and feel over flashy technique, while at the same time possessing considerable harmonic knowledge and concept that is unique, mixed with a good deal prowess on the fretboard. And then there's her singing - a cool, clear emotive soprano style that reaches into the very core of you, easily getting past your defenses. She's also an inventive and intelligent songwriter, having written all the music and lyrics on the album. She is definitely a multifaceted artist, and it will be exciting to see where she goes next!" - Benny Rietveld (bass player and Musical Director for Carlos Santana)

1. Benji's Tune 1:15
2. Lost 4:17
3. Lonely Lemon Pie Girl 6:35
4. White Lies 5:58
5. Older 4:57
6. Codes 7:53
7. Someone Else 5:21
8. Water 5:47
9. Get Away 4:19
10. They Say 3:52

Water Alicyn Yaffee

JJ: Disturbed - The Light - Jassy J, WhiteSlash, LightningJoker and metaldrummer47

Disturbed - The Light - Album: Immortalized (2015) - full band cover by Jassy J, WhiteSlash, xXLightningJoKeRxX & metaldrummer 47 =)
Allererstes Full Band Cover!!! =D Einen großen Dank an die 3 Jungs, die mitgearbeitet haben, ihr seid spitze! Ich denke "The Light" ist mal der "etwas andere" Disturbed-Song (mit übrigens sehr aussagekräftigem Musikvideo) und klingt einfach mega! Ich liebe das Lied ^^ Hoffe euch gefällt das Cover, da steckt ne Menge Arbeit drin =))))
Very first FULL BAND COVER!!! =D Many thanks to you guys for participating on the collab with me, you are awesome! =))) I think The Light is quite a special Disturbed song (with a meaningful music video, btw!!) and I think it sounds amazing! That is the reason why I personally love that song XD I hope you enjoy this cover, we all worked hard on it!! =) Have fun! :D

Guitar: Ibanez GRG250DX BKF
Jassy (guitar, video editing):

WhiteSlash (bass & keyboard, audio mix):

LightningJoker (vocals):

metaldrummer47 (drums):

Please leave some comments here, i would really appreciate it :) And if you want to see more covers, feel free to visit my channel :D

-Jassy J

NOTE: This song was written by Disturbed! I do not own any rights for this song.

Online Gitarre lernen? ;) Dann check den GUITARNERD! :D

DISTURBED - The Light [FULL BAND COVER] by Jassy J, WhiteSlash, LightningJoker & metaldrummer47

Susan Santos: "Rattlesnake" from the new album Skin & Bones

Susan Santos tema "Rattlesnake" del nuevo disco "Skin & Bones"
Abril 2016.

Susan Santos "Rattlesnake"