Friday, 22 April 2016

Sarah Longfield: talks to Rob Scallon about Strandberg Guitars

Answering one/or some of your questions every Thursday!
Totally original. No other YouTubers do anything like this.
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A little bit about her custom Strandberg guitar

Strandberg 8 string:

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Strandberg Guitars? w/ Sarah Longfield

Miki Kato: Sugar and Fog - two original live performances

It is a design of the demo played on the music school live.
This is played on the ES-335TD of 1968. Effect such a set of the street until now is To and Marshall JCM2000 DSL-100.

Miki Kato -Suger-スクールライブ/デモ演奏 2016/4/10

Miki Kato -FOG-(カキタニミユウ/レコ発ライブ)2016/2/14