Sunday, 8 May 2016

Jacky Bastek: Pre OrderNew Album - Idylls -

Hello people! Long time no see!
In case you don't remember me- it's Jacky Whuuut?!
This is the first time I am talking directly to a camera and I guess it is pretty obvious that I am not used to the whole 'recording myself' thing - Say hello to awkward Jacky! So awkward... I have got very important things to say though. So I guess, the time has come to do so!

Since many of you have been asking for an album with my original music I finally went to the studio to record 12 songs that are just waiting to end up in your record player (in case anyone remembers what that is...ha) or maybe your phone? Or let's just say your ears?
But as the life of an independent musician is not always as fun as expected and parties have to be paid (such as the studio, the press shop and the artwork-artist) I need your help and have to rely on your support.
I put up this pledge campaign where you can help me finishing the whole thing by pre-ordering the album. Once you have done that you will have access to all the updates (track list, album cover etc), some videos that I'll record for you (who knows maybe I will get better at that?)and you will get to hear the album before everyone else! Once enough people have pledged for the album I will be able to produce all the physical copies and ship them out to you.
There are also some other exclusives on the campaign such as guitar lessons, private concerts and more in case you are interested and want to help me out a little more.

Thank you so much for your support and I really that hope we can make this happen. This is a really exciting and also super scary step in my life but I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Eva Vergilova: Eastern Bird

drums from :

Eva Vergilova - Eastern Bird

Valerie Bachand: Slayer- Seasons In the Abyss

Valerie Bachand: Slayer- Seasons In the Abyss

Slayer- Seasons In the Abyss (Guitar Cover) *With Solo * HD

Bex Marshall: live blue performance from Noardewyn 2016

Bex Marshall: live blue performance from Noardewyn 2016

Bex Marshall yn Noardewyn Live #omropfryslan