Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Annie Grunwald: Eon - Formless new album - progressive technical death metal from Boston

by Formless

1. Eon 02:26
2. Sins 06:55 3. Salvation 04:22
4. Vitality 06:09
5. Euphoric Dysphoria 03:42
6. False Awakening 04:47
7. Benighted by the Lake 05:19
8. Vindication 06:07
9. Tech Death 03:58
10. Prism 04:21
11. Zero Day 05:41

released May 10, 2016

Formless is:
Kevin Narowski - Lead Vocals
Annie Grunwald - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ken Bullard - Lead Guitar
Craig Breitsprecher - Bass
Jake Shields - Drums

Guitar & bass tracking by Annie Grunwald
Vocal tracking by Kevin Narowski & Marc Lewis
Drum tracking by Jake Shields
Guitar performance by Kenny and Annie of Formless
Bass grooving by Craig Breitsprecher

Mixing by Dan Gonzalez and Kenny Goshgarian
Mastering by Kenny Goshgarian
Album artwork and layout by Malika Sundamurthy

Formless would like to thank the following for making this album possible:
Our elite Kickstarter donators (Casey Jones, Tom R., Nathan Navarro, David and Andrew Breitsprecher, Codge Bullard, Marc Lewis, Jordan Varbaro, Kevin Grunwald, Jean Francois Nadreau, Guitaklew, Yunus Emre Armanci), Metalhouse, Totality, Replacire, Edwin Escobar, Greg Macklin, brews, buds, Lance Tobin, Al Mclenna, and last but not least, Kenny's Dad.
tags: metal progressive technical death metal Boston

Sarah Longfield: talks to Rob Scallon: about guitar tracking methods

Answering one/or some of your questions every Thursday!
Totally original. No other YouTubers do anything like this.
Sarah's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MissSmiles4u
We get a question on whether we mic amps to record our guitars or plug into a computer, then we completely forget micing a cab is an option and talk about our preferred ways to record into a computer.
keep in touch...
Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RobScallonFacebook: http://tinyurl.com/RSfanpageInstaBLAM: http://instagram.com/robscallon/Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/twitter78Tumblr: https://RobScallon.tumblr.com

Stéphan Forté en Masterclass à MLC Academy Marseille

Tracking Guitar? w/ Sarah Longfield

Polly O'Keary: Spoonful - Hot Wired Rhythm Band 989

Kevin Sutton on lead guitar and vocals, Polly O'Keary on bass, "Hot Rod" Holman on Hammond B3, and Steve Sarkowsky on drums.
Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle Wa
May 7th, 2016

"Spoonful" (Willie Dixon) Hot Wired Rhythm Band 989

Lzzy Hale, Nogizaka46 Lotty: Young Guitar interview

Nogizaka46 of Kawamura Mayo challenge! "Sing or idle" also yearn Lotty that proven in the singing force as, the United States of the popular female singer / guitarist: Lizzie Hale Manabu enthusiastic performance from (Hailstorm) Lovely Idol !! interlocking web: Http: / /youngguitar.jp/rotty/ magazine published issue: Young guitar 2016 March issue http://youngguitar.jp/yg/yg-201603

Japan and the United States guitar Women's Association, held !!: Nogizaka46 Lotty of Road to Guitar Heroine ~ road to sixth times to the guitar heroine

Krystal Khali: Guitar Shorty at The Belly Up Sept 2015

Guitar Shorty playing The Blues Done Got Me Live at The Belly Up Sept. 2015. Featuring Krystal Khali on guitar, Crazy Tomes on Bass, Michael Leasure on Drums, and Malcolm Lukens on keys. Credit: Matt Hughes video.

Krystal Khali: Guitar Shorty at The Belly Up Sept 2015

Erika Ragtiny: Kisakiemi "to BOKURA" Official LIVE video

March 27, 2016 @ Shibuya RUIDO K2
recorded in Kisakiemi birthday planning "Tequila Festival"!
Official LIVE MV Publishing created with everyone! 2nd.Single "to BOKUR" Tracklist price ¥ 1,000 songs to BOKURA 1. 2. Diamond Butterfly 3.~Honey~

Kisakiemi "to BOKURA" Official LIVE MV

Holly Kinnear: Salvation Jayne - Dahlia

Amy Benham - Vocals
Holly Kinnear - Guitar
Dan Lucas - Bass
Lucy Foster - Drums

The official video for Salvation Jayne's new single 'Dahlia'.
Follow Salvation Jayne:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salvationjayneWebsite: http://www.salvationjayne.co.ukTwitter: https://twitter.com/SalvationJayneInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/salvationjayneBig Cartel: http://salvationjayne.bigcartel.comEmail: Salvationjayne@live.co.uk
Raphael Klatzko at Light Tone Studios
Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/lighttonestu...Website: www.lighttonestudios.co.uk
Email: Raphael@lighttonestudios.co.uk

Salvation Jayne - Dahlia

Diana Rein: "Long Road" Album Trailer

Video Directed/Produced/Edited by Diana Rein
Insert Shots and Titles: Steve Polacek

©2016 Rude Mood Records

In mythology, Sirens were dangerous yet beautiful creatures that would lure sailors with enchanting songs and make them crash onto the rocky coast. It is said that some crews survived by using wax in their ears to keep from being compelled.
But what if the music was turned up? What if it was amplified? What if there were soaring guitar tones that shook your bones and cut through to your soul?
You’d be helpless.
Get ready to meet your fate with Diana Rein on her magnetic Indie Blues sophomore album “Long Road”.
See if you can escape the artist named "the Six String Siren" by her adoring fans. With a sharp tongue, driving blues guitars and melodic solos — it won’t take long before you fall under her spell.

Diana Rein "Long Road" Album Trailer

Radka Kasparcova: Slow Blues in A

Radka Kasparcova performing at the Chaplins, May 6th, 2016 Slow Blues in A. Radka Kasparcova - guitar, Miles Burger - bass, Noah Bryant - drums. Please visit https://ww.radkamusic.com.

Radka Kasparcova - Slow Blues in A

Taylor George: Pursuing Omnipresent Supergalactic Oneness

I love this song. Jason Becker wrote it when he was 18 years old - he is a true master - much love and respect.
This is a great piece for articulation, note value, dynamics, quiet mechanics... I purposely played this piece with virtually no effects and a very clean sound.

Pursuing Omnipresent Supergalactic Oneness

Rebecca Mardal: A bit of E major noodle

Rebecca Mardal with a a bit of E major noodle

Rebecca Mardal: https://www.instagram.com/rebeccamardal/

A bit of E major

Eliana Cargnelutti: Band - I'm a woman (Live )

Eliana Cargnelutti Band
"I'm a woman"
from the cd "Electric woman"

Live at Corner Live, 30th april 2016

line up:
Eliana Cargnelutti - voice, guitar
Simone Serafini - bass
Loris De Checchi - keyB organ
Carmine Bloisi - drums

Eliana Cargnelutti Band - I'm a woman (Live )

Ariel Bellvalaire: set to perform Dearly beloved Prince Tribute at 42WestNY on May 16, 2016

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life.” The iconic Prince will forever be remembered for these, now, almost hauntingly surreal lyrics. Yet, rather than mourn the legend, a few of the finest actors, singers and artists are choosing to celebrate his life with a special one night performance of “Dearly Beloved” featuring rising star Ariel Bellvalaire on lead guitar.

Bellvalaire will join Grammy nominee and Tony Award winner Lena Hall and Tony Award Nominee, Drama Desk Winner and film star Robin De Jesus in DEARLY BELOVED... A Concert Tribute to Purple Rain, on Monday, May 16th at 8 PM at 42West (514 West 42nd Street, www.42WestNY.com).

A guitarist, singer, songwriter, actress and performer, Bellvalaire has recorded with top producers such as Tommy Faragher (Glee), shot music videos with her glam rock band, which included Nik West, performed as a solo artist and with other acclaimed musicians, and has acted in TV and feature films including, ""Orange is the New Black"", ""The Carrie Diaries"", ""Law and Order SVU"", “Run All Night” (Starring Liam Neeson), “On the Case With Paula Zahn"", ""Voodoo Church"" (Netflix), and has recently filmed a commercial playing guitar for GMC.

However, her Broadway break came in 2014 when she was asked to play guitar and perform in the original one night New York City Broadway show “Dearly Beloved” with Hall, De Jesus and E. Clayton Cornelius. Her guitar performance captured the attention of Broadway Buzz and Playbill Magazine.

“I am very honored to be asked to reprise my role in ‘Dearly Beloved’ and pay tribute to one of my idols,” said Bellvalaire. “This is going to be a memorable evening for everyone involved.”