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Magda Azzilonna: Saudade no 3 by Roland Dyens and EVH Eruption - Two sides of the same coin

Magda Azzilonna, Classical and Modern Guitarist.

Studied Music at the Conservatorio di Musica "E.R. Duni" Matera
Guitar · Matera, Italy

All rights reserved Roland Dyens.

Magda Azzilonna - Saudade no 3 (Roland Dyens)

Magda Azzilonna - Eruption (E. Van Halen)

Doris Yeh, Sasha Zagorc: BBC How I learned the art of head-banging

(L) Photo: Doris Yeh. Credit: CHTHONIC.(R) Photo: Sasha Zagorc. Credit: Simon Podgorsek.
Heavy Metal: Doris Yeh and Sasha Zagorc
The Conversation

Kim Chakanetsa quizzes two heavy metal bass guitarists about their roles in their bands, how they learnt to head-bang, and juggling the music with their day jobs.

Doris Yeh tours all over the world with best-selling Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. She says she only got into heavy metal by accident, but now loves it. Being the only woman in the band can have its down-sides - at performances her male colleagues used to expect her to get changed in the toilet while they occupied the one dressing room! However, Doris learnt to assert herself, and says when she gets on stage and starts playing, she is just excited to be able to treasure that moment with the audience.

Slovenian Sasha Zagorc formed the heavy metal/hard rock band Hellcats with her sister ten years ago. She's always been a metal-head so just wears her own black leather clothes in their videos and on stage. Initially the band had to deal with quite a lot of criticism as the first all-female band on the Slovenian metal scene, but they just kept going and now have fans all over the world. For Sasha having a band provides much needed relaxation, and she loves going on tour with her best friends.

Jennifer Clavin, Jessica Clavin, Micayla Grace: Bleached - Sleepwalking - Live Paris 2016

Jennifer and Jessica Clavin with Micayla Grace and Nick Pillot


Jennifer Clavin:

Bleached - Sleepwalking - Live Paris 2016

Gazelle Amber Valentine: Jucifer - Live Paris 2016

Gazelle Amber Valentine: Jucifer - Live Paris 2016 - Jucifer @ Le Gibus, Paris 26/05/2016

Jucifer - Live Paris 2016

EvilAngel Chax: Counting Teardrops with a performance playthrough

EvilAngel Chax: Counting Teardrops with a performance playthrough

EvilAngel Chax - Counting Teardrops [original]

Lari Basílio: Moko Kahaan - by Maati Baani - Stunning all female ensemble celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day |8thMarchl

Each one of us is special. Each one of us is beautiful. Each one of us has Faith abound. A Rebel. A Lover. Source of all that Exists. Let’s ROCK THE HOUSE- LADIES!

6 Women from different countries become part of one song to celebrate the innate strength that each and every woman is endowed with. This song was done through a remote collaboration and the musicians have never met each other!!

All the artistes are reading your comments, show them some love!!

Vocals -Nirali Kartik (India)
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Violin - Anaar Desai Stephens (USA- India)
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Guitars - Lari Basilio (Brazil)
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Tar - Sahba Motallebi (USA-Iran)
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Bass - Shalini Mohan (India)
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Drums - Sina Doering (Germany)
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Presented by : Vivanta by Taj

Each woman's life journey is different. But there is one common factor in each journey. The challenges that come along with being a woman in a patriarchal society - no matter in which part of the world she belongs to.
A lot of women are considered to be fortunate to follow dreams of their own but there are millions of women in India and across the globe whose life is dictated by the societies in which they live in and this leads to unspeakable and devastating exploitation; just because she is a woman. Women- trafficking in war torn countries ( Iraq, Syria are amongst the worst hit) domestic and sexual violence, female infanticide and dowry is unquestionably related in India, women treated as domestic servants because of the financial dependency on the husband/ in - laws, lenient laws against the rapists/ assaulters, unequal opportunities at work, are all rampant everywhere in the world.

This video features women who have rose up to the challenges and believed in their dreams to make them come true.
A woman of substance empowers another woman and that is a good starting point! A just society stands up against the injustice of any form on either sex and that is the only way to gift a better world to the children of coming generations.
'Gender Equality is breaking the walls of prejudice'- Lari Basillio
"Break the stereo types" Shalini Mohan
"Question the existing rules"- Anaar Desai Stephens
"The voices of both; the women and men are muted in Iran right now"
" Girls should try and do something new'- Sina Doering
" Challenges become the milestones"- Nirali Kartik

Moko Kahaan -The Music Yantra-Episode 02- Maati Baani