Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Laura Moral: The Haunting Solo (Avantasia Cover)

The Haunting only Avantasia (GhostLights). After some time back to the load with one of the latest album by Tobias Sammet! I hope you like it.

Laura Moral - The Haunting Solo (Avantasia Cover)

Katalina González: Guitar/ BOSS Blues Driver BD-2

tocando con BOSS blues driver BD-2

Katalina González Guitar/ BOSS Blues Driver BD-2

Isa Nielsen: announces departure from Detonator from

During the program "Well what if I wanted" Radio Kiss FM, SP, guitarist Isa Nielsen announced last week he would be leaving the band Detonator and the Muses of metal, being in the final Metamania. The program is presented by Bruno Sutter, the creator of Detonator, which proved to be very grateful to her, who was in the band for four years.

The departure of guitarist was super quiet, and in an atmosphere of friendship, Isa said period where he played alongside Bruno Sutter; "He was always a very nice guy, and I will always be grateful to him for giving me that opportunity. They were nice moments, of which I will never forget. "

She will perform for the last time with the band on the 15/07 Festival Anime Friends, the Campo de Marte in São Paulo. With Metalmania she has already show on 23/07 at Polo River, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Ravyn Bedard: Taken By Storm - original song

This is my original song called Taken By Storm which I wrote and recorded myself. All music, lyrics and compositions are my own material and the footage is part my own and part Public Domain which is free and available to the public to use.
Check out my music page

TAKEN BY STORM by Ravyn Bedard

Anna Sentina: Alberto Rigoni's BASSORAMA - Anna with Alberto on a tracks from his fifth solo album

From Alberto Rigoni's fifth solo album BASSORAMA, the official video of the album title song, featuring bassist Anna Sentina as special guest.
Get the album at

Alberto Rigoni - BASSORAMA (feat. Anna Sentina)

Rosie Bones, Carmen Vandenberg: Bones - Girls Can't Play Guitar

Trianon - 10/02/2016

Bones - Girls Can't Play Guitar



Kinga Głyk: Tears In Heaven, Jeff Berlin

Recordings - Patryk Głyk
Mix -Patryk Głyk
Camera- Patryk Głyk
Color correction- Samuel Pawlas
• Official site:• First album ‘Rejestracja’ is out now:• Facebook:

Kinga Głyk - Tears In Heaven, Jeff Berlin - cover

Kinga Głyk - Happy Birthday Live

Olivia Chiang: plays Alfonsina y el Mar

Guitar: Rafael Moreno Rodriguez 'Sueño' (
Here's Olivia Chiang playing Alfonsina y el Mar by Ariel Ramirez as transcribed by her father, James Chiang. Olivia is playing a 'Sueño' model guitar by Rafael Moreno Rodriguez at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA.

Olivia Chiang plays Alfonsina y el Mar (Ariel Ramirez)

Carmen Vandenberg: Alley Cat Jam - Jeff Beck's New Co-Guitarist

Jeff Beck's New Co-Guitarist Carmen Vandenberg

Carmen Vandenberg - Alley Cat Jam

London LIVE blues Jam... Steve Future did this rec in 2016 Jan 11
We all guys went so happy after this …I mean some more then men
likes it for sure …You are so welcome to Sweden and

Rocking Birds Joanne & Carmen

Don't Be Such An Inspiration - Carmen Vandenberg

Carmen Vandenberg - ACM Guitar Alumna